10 Facts About the SGSecure App You Might Want to Know

You might have known about SGSecure app recently when the media reported that NSFs were being “forced” to download it.

Even if you feel that the ends shouldn’t justify the means, you can’t deny that it’s an important app that everyone in Singapore should download.

So, what’s the app about and what’s the hoo-ha all about? Here are ten facts you should know!

How old is the app?
The app was launched in September 2016. That’s nearly one year ago!

Must-download for some
It’s necessary to download for all Mindef SAF personnel. That’s right; the app is a must-download for all Mindef and SAF personnel. There have been NSFs claiming that they can’t book out or need to sign extras if they do not download the app.

One-star Reviews
When you download an app on the app store, you’re free to leave a review. In fact, some apps encourage you to leave a review so that they can improve it with your feedback. SGSecure, however, has been receiving a steady influx of reviews that surely wouldn’t sit well with the developers. As of 31 July 2017, almost 70% of all reviews are rated at one star, and it could be due to #2.

The app is part of a purpose
Now here’s why you should download it: The app is part of a counter-terrorism training programme! Its purpose is to prepare citizens to be capable of defending themselves and responding pro-actively should a terrorist attack occur.

Everyone is encouraged to download the app
The app is supposed to help everyone in Singapore get through tough times and assist each other, so it stands as a no-brainer that everyone should get it. That’s right, just because you’re not required doesn’t mean you’re not encouraged to.

It’s packed with multiple features.
Firstly, you could receive important broadcast messages from the authorities on the latest situation in the event of major emergencies and seek assistance from the authorities should a major situation happen in your vicinity. You’re also able to send videos, photos and messages to the authorities to provide information on a situation which you have witnessed. Not only that, you’re able to access links to [email protected] and myResponder apps
and access the SGSecure e-learning package so as to learn how to better protect yourself and others in an emergency. In fact, there’re many more features!

Opinions are divided
While there are comments that degrade the app to the point of no return, there are also users that whole-heartedly support the development of the app. Some users praised the app on its initiative and effort, while some saw the need for the app and how it could be utilized to great effect. Some saw the positives in the app and rated it appropriately.

More than 550,000 downloads as of 12 June 2017
Well, you could argue that a certain number of it was probably forced downloads, but hey: as long as you meet your objectives, why bother?

It has already been put to use
When the Jurong West fire broke out on the morning of 11 October 2016, users of the app were notified of it straightaway. This means that those in the vicinity of the area were alerted and had time to react. Isn’t that useful?

Enhancements in the future
The app is expected to keep updating and improving, so hang onto that app! You never know when it might come in handy! After all, since you’ve downloaded Coin Master, it doesn’t hurt to download one more app, right?

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