10 Facts About Singtel You Probably Didn’t Know About

Who doesn’t know Singtel, please put up your hands.

Well, we see no hands!

Singtel is a common household name in Singapore since it is one of the few telecommunication providers that we have in Singapore.

Besides knowing that Singtel is a telecommunication provider, what else do we know about it? Nothing? Well, let us share some facts with you.

Temasek Holdings owns the majority shares of Singtel
Singtel is 51.8% owned by Temasek Holdings and is the largest telecommunication company in Singapore. Not surprised at that, since most Singapore residents sign up with Singtel for mobile and broadband services.

Singtel restructured the group in 2012
As of 31 December 2012, Singtel had 473 million mobile customers but it is only a mere 9% increase from 2011. In view of stiffer competition from rival brands M1 and StarHub, Singtel restructured the group and formed three business units – Group Consumer, Group Enterprise and Group Digital Life.

Group Consumer is the largest business unit and earns the most among the three units
Group Consumer accounts for 61.3% of total revenue for Singtel and includes services such as mobile, pay TV, fixed broadband, voice data and sales of equipment. Group Consumer is also the business units that include Singtel’s overseas business and investments. It also holds a 23% stake in Singpost Limited.

Singtel has a stake in many countries
Surprise! Singtel is involved in many countries in the region. The most outstanding is its consumer business in Australia. It owns 100% of the second largest telecommunication company Optus in Australia and 31% of India’s largest teleco company, Bharti Airtel. Singtel is also involved with Telkomsel, Indonesia’s number 1 teleco, Globe, Phillipines’ number 2 teleco, AIS, Thailand’s number 1 teleco and Citycell, Bangladesh’s number 6 teleco.

Singtel failed in an investment in Pakistan
In 2008, Singtel acquired a 30% stake in Warid Telecom, Pakistan’s fourth largest mobile operator. It was a mistake made by Singtel as Warid Telecom started making losses ever since Singtel acquired them. Singtel finally had enough and exited the investment in 2013.

Singtel is also into IT solutions
Singtel’s second largest business unit, Group Enterprise is the arm that deals with IT. This units focuses on IT solutions that are provided to both the government and the corporate sectors. Their services include cyber security, enterprise cloud services and smart cities (innovative solutions).

Singtel is moving forward to a digital world
With the growing trend of digitalisation and the popularity of using the Internet, Singtel is capitalising on it as well. The smallest business unit, Group Digital Life, is in charge of Singtel’s offer in video streaming, digital marketing and data analytics.

Singtel derives most of its profits from overseas
With a small consumer base in Singapore, it is no wonder that Singtel’s profits are derived largely from its overseas business and investments. Bharti Airtel (India) and Telkomsel (Indonesia) are the two biggest contributors to Singtel’s profits.

Singtel has a venture fund to invest in young, innovative companies
Set up in 2011, Singtel invested in startup companies involved with the Internet and digital media. This venture fund is called Innov8 and currently, it has invested in 28 companies.

Singtel was once voted Best Mobile Operator and Best Provider of Mobile and Fibre Broadband Services
Given its “not-so-ideal” reputation, eyebrows were raised when Singtel was voted for the 2 awards at the 2013 HardwareZone.com and HWM (HardwareMag) Tech Awards.

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