10 Foods from A&W All Over The World We Hope Would be in S’pore

Let’s face it – we love burgers and hot dogs. When it comes to good old sausages wrapped within a plush, tasty bun, no one does it better than A&W.

It does make us wonder though, is that all that A&W offers worldwide? Or are there other enticing foods that we’ve not heard of from the brand name?

Here’s our picks of ten different kinds of meals from A&W across the border that we’d love to just get a bite out of! And hopefully, when A&W comes back to Singapore, they’ll consider putting them into the menu!

*BTW, A&W, if you’re reading this, our promise that we’ll have A&W at least once a week should you open an outlet in Bukit Batok Crescent still stands*

Bacon Double Cheeseburger -America

Image: awrestraurant.com

Imagine having this beauty in front of you. The burger is made up of 1/3 pounds of beef patties, hickory-smoked bacon slices, pickles, lettuce, tomato, onions and good ol’ American cheese. This monster will keep you full for at least five days.

A&W Chicken Waffle –Thailand

Image: foodspotting.com

Here’s something that we’d like to try – imagine perfect waffles used to sandwich succulent chicken tenders. The sauce? A&W Thailand has two selections – Mozza sauce and Spicy Herb sauce. The meal can be made into a combo with a root beer and curly fries on the side.


A&W All Canadian Special Breakfast

Image: web.aw.ca

A breakfast that’s made with carefully selected ingredients – two pork sausages and smoked bacon from pork that’s been raised minus antibiotics, and a pair of sunny-side up eggs that are sourced from hens on a veggie diet. The other sides include a crisp hash brown, tomatoes and warm toast.

But of course, if this comes to Singapore, they can change the pork to chicken. And add a few more eggs, because we all love eggs like siao.

A&W Black Pepper Mixbowl – Indonesia

Image: A&W Indonesia Twitter

Now this is something with a spicy, yet Asian twist to it. The item consists of a bowl of rice with chicken popcorn-sized bites and strips of vegetables, drizzled with black pepper sauce on top. Even the rice grains are covered with specks of black pepper! Make the meal into a combo that comes with a piece of fried chicken and a mug of root beer, as well as a complimentary bowl of soup.

A&W Teriyaki Burger – Japan

There are 10 different burgers (at its least!) to try in A&W’s Japan branches, but the Teriyaki Burger somehow seems to holler the most. It’s filled with lettuce and mayonnaise sauce, but the star of the burger has got to be its lip-smacking teriyaki sauce!

A&W Mango Milkshake – Bangladesh


Image: A&W Bangladesh Facebook Page

A drink to keep the locals cool during the sweltering summer season, and is made with milk and uh, mangoes (duh!). With Singapore being in summer 365 days a year, this is made for us.

Cheesy Macho Nachos – Malaysia

Image: A&W Malaysia

Love chips? Then you’ll swoon when you hear that the A&W franchise just across the border serves crispy tortilla chips with lines of melted cheese sauce over them, and a decadent side of chicken or beef coney sauce to dip into!

Chubby Chicken – Canada

Image: A&W Canada

The Chubby Chicken consists of lovely fried chicken that’s been seasoned with a selection of tangy spices, then battered and breaded before it’s fried to all to form its solid, crispy glory. KFC, consider yourself being warned.

Fried Fish with Basil Sauce Rice –Thailand


Image: A&W Thailand Facebook Page

A&W’s Thailand branch knows how to pair rice with its food. Its greatest achievement has got to be the Fried Chicken with Basil Sauce Rice. Another contender is the Chicken Larb Rice. Take a look at their entire selection here! Machiam a Thai restaurant!

Polar Swirls – America

Image: A&W America

Soft-serve ice cream matched with either Oreo, M&Ms, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough or Reese’s. Every spoonful is a bite of happiness (if you intend to forget about the calories)!

There you have it, our finds on the best A&W offerings across the world. Perhaps it’s time to travel and indulge now, don’t you think?

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