10 Interesting Facts About Singapore Airlines You Probably Didn’t Know Of

The national airlines of the country’s great, and for many reasons. But, how much do we really know about SIA?

Here’s what we found pretty, pretty interesting:

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Singapore Stopover Package
There’s an added package where travellers can visit our most popular attractions and get hotel accommodations too. Three packages to choose from in total – Basic Singapore Stopover Holiday, Singapore Stopover Holiday and Singapore Stopover Premium.

There’s Baggage Allowance for Infants
Yes, mommies rejoice! If you’re travelling with a baby, you’re entitled to a piece of luggage to check in of up to 10kg. If you’re heading to or from the States, that’d be up to 23kg for Economy and Premium Economy, and up to 32kg for Business and First Class tickets. Well, that’s baby bonus for you, no?

You Can Use Your Phone On the Plane
According to their website, you using your handphone (using, not making calls) will not impart the flight’s systems. It is, however, still subject to local operational requirements and regulations (depending on the country you’re at).

GoT WiFi
WiFi service is available during the flight, but only when it’s at a cruising altitude, as well as on authorised waters or countries.

Can Make Phone Calls, But…
Not on your handphone yah. You must use their in-seat phone instead. Which, if you think about it, is pretty cool. Imagine talking to your SO throughout the flight!

Maximum Number of Tickets Can Buy On Each Online Transaction
If you’re booking with SIA, that’s a maximum of 4 tickets for First Class, 6 tickets for Business Class and/or Premium Economy Class, or 9 Economy Class tickets per online transaction. If it’s more than the limit, you can either make multiple bookings online or book through SIA’s local office. Fares might differ from the one you were quoted online though!

Secure My Fare
There’s an option on SIA’s mobile app and website which will allow you to hold your booking (and its fare!) for a maximum of 3 days. A holding fee applies.

Free Membership
Yes lah, there’s absolutely no membership charge when you sign up for a KrisFlyer account. Get yours now!

Can Your Membership Expire?
Yes, your KrisFlyer membership will expire if you don’t have a transaction after 39 months. This will also happen in 18 months if you no longer meet the qualification for enrolment as a KrisFlyer member.

Image: singaporeair.com

Digital KrisFlyer Membership Card
With an online membership card, you can access your member info on your phone anytime and wherever you are!

Here’s another fun fact we found online. When the Airbus A380 was launched, it came with double-bed suites at the cost of US$10K per ticket. You can guess what happened after that *if you know what I mean*. Although the rooms came walled, it wasn’t actually sound-proof.

Shame on you, passengers! The Mile High Club had to be banned thanks to that.

That saucy story aside, those of us who’ve enjoyed a ride on SIA will always acknowledge the level of service and excellence that comes with it. It is, truly, value for money, with very minor room for improvement. Necessary, nonetheless, coz we are perfectionists you know!

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