10 Interesting Facts About Sembawang You Probably Didn’t Know About

With all the hullabaloo about Yishun lately, another estate nearby in the north has been largely overshadowed. That would be Sembawang (even though some people have been jokingly calling for a wall to be built around Yishun, which Sembawang would pay for).

Unbeknownst to probably everyone who doesn’t live in Sembawang or nearby, Sembawang actually has quite a number of cool facts and things going for it. The north is not just Yishun, Woodlands, then Johor Bahru, y’all.

Here are 10 of the more interesting stuff.

1. Sembawang’s Name Origins

It is said that the name, Sembawang, came from a species of tree that was found in the area, Kayea Ferruginea. This tree was renamed as Mesua Ferruginea, and you probably stopped caring already. However, locally it was known as the Sembawang Tree, hence the name of the town. In fact, Sembawang is one of the only two towns in Singapore named after a tree. The other one is Changi.

A single Sembawang Tree could be found in Sembawang Park, by the carpark.

2. Natural Sandy Beach

Speaking of Sembawang Park, one of the only two natural sandy beaches in Singapore is located here. All the beaches you’re familiar with on Sentosa Island? Those are all artificial, reclaimed using sand from elsewhere. Best thing about Sembawang Beach is that not many people know of it, and the ulu location puts people off from going there as well.

The other natural sandy beach? It’s Changi again.

3. Dog Run

That’s not the only thing Sembawang Park has, of course. Back in 2014, a Dog Run opened in Sembawang Park, boasting a fenced-up grassy area the size of 2.5 basketball courts, for dogs to run off-leash. This is actually the 6th dog run in Singapore, and the most convenient one for those living in the north, so it’s simply not true that there’s nothing up there!

4. Natural Hot Spring

Did you know we have a natural hot spring right here in Singapore? That’s right. And it’s in Sembawang, too. But, before you start imagining luxurious baths and a sprawling facility hidden away in the exotic north of Singapore, you should probably look for some pictures. The hot spring is actually only a tiny spring locked behind walls due to its scalding temperature, and water is only accessible through wells and taps nearby.

On the bright side, you could cook an egg with the hot water!

5. Sungei Sembawang

There is also a river up in Sembawang, called Sungei Sembawang. Yeah, we’ve got more rivers than you think we do. One more thing you didn’t know: Sungei Sembawang was once two separate rivers, the original Sungei Sembawang, and Sungei Senoko. Sungei Sembawang was diverted in the 1920s to Sungei Senoko, and the whole thing became known as Sungei Sembawang afterwards.

6. Yacht Club

With the whole beach and river thing going on, it’s quite natural to do something related to water activities there. And the SAF Yacht Club is situated right up north in Sembawang. You can do activities like sailing, boating, and fishing, among others. The sight of sailboats off the northern coast actually makes Sembawang look like a foreign location!

7. Sembawang Shipyard

There’s also a Sembawang Shipyard up there. We’re starting to think Sembawang has a smaller version of everything in Singapore. The shipyard is currently one of the world’s leading ship repair yards, and you’ll never guess something this huge could be “hidden” up north.

Also, the shipyard used to be a massive British naval base. So it’s got a cool history behind it as well.

8. God of Wealth Temple

For a country populated mostly by Chinese, you would think most of us worships the God of Wealth. You would think we would have a number of temples devoted to the guy, considering we build a large version of him every Chinese New Year. The thing is, there’s only 1 God of Wealth temple in the whole country, and it’s in Sembawang.

Appropriate to the deity in question, the golden statue of the God of Wealth on (yeah, on top of) the temple is believed to be the largest in the world.

9. LRT Plans

This one is more of an interesting fact than anything really concrete, really. Did you know, the government once planned to build an LRT line in the Khatib-Yishun-Sembawang area? The reason that never happened is reportedly because of the less-than-stellar performance of the Punggol and Hougang LRT lines.

10. “Skate Park”

This one is not an actual intended facility. Underneath the train tracks leading to Sembawang MRT station, there are a bunch of steep concrete slopes. It’s quite an open area, so naturally people congregated there to do stuff, as was natural with people. The slopes made it exciting to skateboard on, and lo, an unofficial “skate park” was born. You’re not going to find anything like that anywhere else in Singapore.

We know most of you live in the east, or in the west of Singapore, where purportedly most of the cool and interesting stuff are. Thing is, that is simply not true, as you should know by now. It’s not all violence and weird crime up here, friend. We’ve got some cool stuff too.

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