10 Korea Snacks Found in S’pore That Might Start a K-Snack Trend

The Korean culture, drama and fashion have invaded Singapore for some time now.

And we go crazy over all of them.

From Song Joong-ki

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To Park Shin-Hye for the guys

Image: viki.com

We here at Goody Feed are pretty crazy over #anythingKorea as well. Here, look at our sofa.

Besides going crazy for the next Kdrama episode, we have also gone crazy with Korean snacks!

Here are 10 of the best Korean snacks that we think you should try (if you have not yet tried it). K-Snack might become the next big thing, you know.

1. Singlong Seasoned Seaweed

Image: scene.sg

Korean snacks always featured seaweed but trust us when we say that not all seaweeds are made equal.

This particular seaweed from Singlong has a nice balance of oil and salt, making it one of the best seaweed we have ever eaten.

2. Savzak Cube Seaweed Snack


Image: herworldplus.com

This is yet another seaweed snack but it is different from the previous one.

Besides being in a cube shape, it is also flavoured with anchovy and almond. Crunchy and flavourful, the additional rice crisps in it make it better!

3. Orion Choco Pop Cereal Snack

Image: scene.sg

This is kind of special to us because we absolutely adored such stick snacks as a kid. Remember Apollo?

This one is made of cereal and chocolate. The cereal sticks have a coating of chocolate on the inside, which makes every bite as chocolatey as biting into a Mars bar.

4. Chew and Real Sweet Potato

Image: herworldplus.com

We know that healthy snacks normally do not go very far in our list of “favourite snacks” but this one is one of the top few.

The texture of this snack is like a dried fruit but without that artificial sweetness that you get from the local dried fruits.

It can get a bit starchy but it is perfect for a pre-workout snack.

5. Calbee Onion Rings

Image: scene.sg

Now, onion rings are like duh, isn’t it? How can any onion rings be in a list like this? Well, that’s because onion rings in Korea are made differently.

The seasoning that goes into theses onion rings must have some magic because it is only lightly dusted with it, but the taste is just heavenly!

6. Honey Butter Cashew Nuts

Image: qoo10.sg

If you are the one who always gobbles up the cashew nuts during Chinese New Year, then you should buy this immediately.

The nuts are slightly caramelised and lightly dusted with honey butter powder. The result is a sweet treat without it becoming overly sweet.

7. Haitai ShinDangDong Tteokbokki Snack

Image: amazon.com

Tteokbokki is a type of Korean rice cake with sweet chilli sauce.

It is usually paired with soju in Kdrama, but over here, we can pair it with a beer, a wine or even whisky!

These snacks are a mix of sweet and spicy so there isn’t an overt need to prepare a gallon of water by your side

8. Crown Churros Honey Cinnamon

Image: scene.sg

Well, churros aren’t exactly found in a bag, but these churros snacks are amazingly good.

While it doesn’t have the chewy bread texture, the crunchy snack almost taste the same as they are generously coated with cinnamon sugar.

Too much cinnamon sugar I would say. Please watch the sugar intake and don’t take the whole pack for yourself!

9. Crown White Heim Biscuit White Cream Wafers with Hazelnuts

Image: redmart.com

If you are looking for a light and yet medium sweet snack, this is it.

Filled with white chocolate in each wafer, it was not too sweet or milky for more than a couple wafers in one sitting.

We probably could eat the whole pack if we are not in the mood to control our diet!

10. Haitai Honey Tong Tong

Image: lelong.com.my

Last but not least, how can we forget the famous Honey Butter chips?

It was so crazily sought after that a black market emerged for it.

Admittedly that the Honey Tong Tong is different from the original Honey Butter chips, but we like it better because it is lighter in texture and taste, making it less jelak.

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