10 Millennial Lingo Terms For Aunties And Uncles To Feel Less Suaku

Just like our wardrobe, smartphones and our knowledge on current events, our vocabulary must also be updated.

Over the last five years or so, with the rise of memes, reality tv, and the everchanging pop culture, there has been a slew of new words popping up all over the internet.

Ever caught yourself staring at your screen, and wondering what “woke” or “fleek” or “shade” means?

With two English majors in the office, I get to know this very interesting fact: languages do evolve (think Shakespeare’s English and our English now), but they don’t evolve that fast.

It’s only in recent years that languages evolve not like humans but like Pokemons: new words are added more often due to globalization.

So, as a fellow millennial, let me educate you about the new words!

Here are 10 millennial words that will come in handy for everyday use.

1) Salty

This word is very common these days, and even Gen x-ers use it. In this context, it is used to describe someone who is pissed or petty.

Image: stunningsimplicityy.tumblr.com

Example: Paul is salty because he lost the bet.

2) Shade

Image: realitytvgifs.tumblr.com

It is similar to acting shady, but instead, you throw subtle insults or remarks at someone without being too direct.


Janet: Nice dress, Karen. My mum has the same dress!
Karen: Did you just shade me?

3) Read

Read is a little more severe than shade. While it might take you hours to realise whether someone’s remark was a shade, one would be able to feel the immediate burn from a read.

Image: realitytvgifs.tumblr.com

If Janet was to read Karen, it would go something like this.


Karen: Do you like my dress?
Janet: No, it sucks so bad!

4) Woke

It is not the past tense of wake. In this context, it means you’re updated with current affairs and are highly knowledgeable.

Image: mtv.com/vma

Example: Stop watching reality TV! Switch the channel to CNN, stay woke bro!

5) Savage

It means someone or something is ruthless and will stop at nothing to get what they want—like the students in Slytherin from Harry Potter.

Image: animal-jam-clans-1.wikia.com

Example: The PSLE Maths question was savage!

6) Spill the tea

It means someone is divulging a juicy gossip.

Image: www.emmys.com

Example: Head over to the pantry now! The receptionist, Mia, is spilling the tea on some of our colleagues!

7) Fleek

This is a simple one. It just means you’re on point—it can also be used to describe things that you find are cool.

Image: realitytvgifs.tumblr.com

Example: The new iPhone X is on fleek!

8) Bounce

When someone says I am going to bounce—it doesn’t mean they are literally going to bounce. It means they are making a move from a certain place.

Example: This bar is so boring! I am gonna bounce.

9) Low key

No, it has nothing to do with reservist. It means keeping things hush-hush—not announcing it to anyone. It could also refer to a laid-back gathering as opposed to a huge party

Example: Veronica is very low key about her dating life.

10) Dead

No, don’t take it in its literal sense. In this context, it means something is too hilarious, you are dying from laughter.

Example: Did you see that meme, I am dead!

Okay, now you uncles and aunties can thank me.

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