10 Other Uses of Prickly Heat Snake Powder That Will Make You Go ‘Cool!’

Anyone who has been through NS in the army would be familiar with the Snake Brand prickly heat powder: it’s almost like a Godsend to them, as it does more than just applying on our body for the cooling and drying effects after a shower.

In fact, one can go to field training without anything else, but there must ALWAYS be prickly heat powder!

So, what else can we do with this magical powder?

As an insect repellent against non-flying insects 

If you spread the powder on the ground around you, those crawling insects would just turn away when they sense or see the powder. It’s an old trick used by old soldiers, and it has always worked well!

Spread on body to keep the body dry

Because it’s pretty absorbent, any sweats will be absorbed by the powder. Almost as well as an antiperspirant!

Prickly heat remedy

Ever wonder why it’s called prickly heat snake powder? Because the main objective of it is a remedy for heat rash, which is also called prickly heat. It’s usually a condition of itchy red skin on your chest due to the hot and humid weather (sounds familiar?), and this powder is a good remedy for it.

Put it in your shoes to prevent foot rot

If you often have itchy foot, you most likely have “foot rot”, in which moisture burns up in the confined space of your shoes due to either sweat or rain. Simply having the powder there would absorb the moisture and keep it dry!

Cool your body on a hot day

So, you’re in the middle of a hot day and have no access to water, just powder yourself and you’ll feel refreshed and ready to face the sun again!

Powder “bath”

All soldiers would know this: pouring an unlimited amount of snake powder sometimes is even better than taking a real bath. It’s refreshing, clean and fast. Of course, we won’t suggest that you do it when you have access to a real bathroom, but isn’t that something cool?

Spread it on your body while you’re at the beach to keep yourself cool

While it may look weird on you, it’ll keep you cool in a warm and humid place like a beach. And it’ll also help prevent heat rash!

Help to prevent mosquito bites

Say what? Well, you need to be fully powdered, but when all you want is a mosquito-free environment, looking weird isn’t too bad a compromise, eh?

Good for any kind of rashes

…well, except for chicken pox, of course. One word of advice: don’t ever apply it on chafes. You’ll cry. This is based on experiences of all soldiers…#truestory

Prevent chafes

Chafes are caused by prolonged rubbing of your skin, but snake powder makes your skin “smoother” and therefore less fiction. Bet you didn’t think of that, eh?

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