10 Pasar Malam Snacks You’ve Got to Try Coz Pasar Malam is Dying Soon =(

The local night market, or pasar malam, has been an integral part of our culture. Over the years, the night market has evolved according to the times but one thing remains constant – when we see a pasar malam being set up, we know we are in for a treat.

Pasar MalamCredits: Instagram | @ghoonk

The next time you head over to that row of tarpaulin tents set up along the pedestrian walkway near your home, don’t forget to try these pasar malam snacks!

Kueh Tutu

Tutu KuehCredits: Instagram | @kohyl

This white fluffy pillow-looking kueh is made of steamed rice flour and typically filled with coconut or peanut. A more recent take on the tutu kueh is to fill them up with chocolate.

Tutu KuehCredits: Instagram | @_gelacervantes

Ramly Burger

Ramly burgerCredits: Instagram | @eelaiinee

Ramly burger is a Malaysian brand of burgers but we love it here in Singapore as well!

Ramly burgerCredits: Instagram | @mgmerv

And what’s not to love? From the multitude of sauces piled onto the burger to its soft, toasted buns, the Ramly burger is a must-have at every pasar malam outing!

Rolled Ice Cream

Rolled Ice CreamCredits: Instagram | @happyrollies

Pasar malams are constantly evolving to include more international dishes and the rolled ice cream is a great example of that! The rolled ice cream was made popular by videos of Thailand’s street food, featuring skilfull vendors preparing these ice cream on a freezing plate.

Rolled Ice CreamCredits: Instagram | @happyrollies

Intrigued by the video but not willing to travel all the way to Thailand just to try it? No fear – the rolled ice cream has found its way to our shores and stomachs, a must-try dessert at your nearest pasar malam.


ChurrosCredits: Instagram | @locolocosg (@bringjoyceebellbacktolife)

This Spanish snack may have been made popular at cafes and restaurants locally, but churros aren’t just fancy European food only available for the rich.

ChurrosCredits: Instagram | @locolocosg (@luxaslast)

Why pay costly amounts for this yummy fried dough pastry when you can get them at an affordable price at your pasar malams. These chocolate- or sugar-coated snacks are a must-try for all of you with a sweet tooth.

Muah Chee

Muah CheeCredits: Instagram | @julicyy

Muah Chee is made from cooked sticky rice dough coated with grounded peanuts, sugar and sesame seeds. These little delights are similar to the tutu kueh, often found at pasar malams.

Muah CheeCredits: Instagram | @mrsjackiechan

Rainbow Bagels

Rainbow BagelsCredits: Instagram | @merrymaro

This entry caused quite a stir at the annual Hari Raya Night Market at Geylang Serai. And with good reason – it is definitely one to satisfy the sweet tooth in well, someone with a sweet tooth!

Rainbow BagelsCredits: Instagram | @millarjordan

The crisp, lightly toasted bagel itself isn’t all that sweet. It is what’s slathered on and in between it that makes it drool-worthy – ice cream, jam and a generous drizzle of maple or chocolate syrup.

Watermelon Volcano

Watermelon VolcanoCredits: Instagram | @eunetking_123

Here is another entry that – if I can afford myself a pun – exploded into the scene. Heh. This rather odd looking concoction is basically crushed ice and balls made out of scooped watermelon drowned in a mixture of watermelon juice and condensed milk.

Watermelon VolcanoCredits: Instagram | @madeinthenutella

It is the ultimate in refreshment for hot and sunny Singapore.

Smores Dip

Smores DipCredits: Instagram | @mparjo

Ahh, toasted marshmallows served with crackers made portable with the wonders of aluminum! What more can you ask for?

Smores DipCredits: Instagram | @x1nyii

Who needs sticks and campfire when you can have it served to you in neat little aluminum bowls? Comes in three flavours – chocolate, white chocolate and cookies ‘n cream.

Kebab Wrap

Kebab WrapCredits: Instagram | @tammaralovestoshop

There’s just something about a chunk of meat rotating about a grill that makes it look so appetising. Have this meat-filled snack in either its beef or lamb variation.

Herbal Eggs

Herbal EggsCredits: Instagram | @_kenneth_k

Flavour rich eggs soaked in herbs and tea leaves. This snack has been a part of the night market scene for a long time and we can’t help but buy one each time we visit the pasar malam because it just smells so good!

Herbal EggsCredits: Instagram | @shioyee

Pasar malams have always been a part of growing up in Singapore. It is a place where we form memories with friends and family – enjoying snacks of all sorts, playing the funfair games and enjoying the sights and sounds of our heartlands – reminiscent of the old kampong spirit.

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