10 ridiculously simple hacks to save money and sing more during a KTV session

Everyone loves singing, be it in the shower, in the car or at KTVs. While the front 2 options are absolutely free and allows you to sing as much as you want, KTVs can be quite expensive sometimes. Also, it may be a good spot for gatherings but that also means you don’t make full use of your money and sing as much as you can. Here’s what you can actually do to maximise your spendings.

Compare prices and book rooms beforehand
This is a simple thing to do. You simply need to do some Googling to see if there are any promotions or so. After choosing a good place that’s good for everyone, book a room. If you don’t book, you might end up having no rooms and because you guys really want to sing, you can end up paying more.

Go for happy hours
Which is usually in the afternoon and weekdays. Students should make use of student privileges which some KTVs offer. The savings can amount to quite a lot.

Do up a song list
Don’t waste time thinking of what to sing. The moment you go in, pick a song, someone start singing and that’s how you make use of every single minute.

Make sure everyone has chosen their must-sings
So that everyone gets a chance to sing and the money is actually worth it.

Skip songs if nobody is singing
Don’t keep asking “Who wants to sing?” or “Is this your song?” After 10 seconds, just skip it. Time stops for no one.

Only sing the chorus
This may not be the thing for everyone but some songs are simply repetitive and for others, it’s only the chorus that’s nice and matters. After, if you have sung the chorus, you would have performed the soul of the song.

Do not go in a super huge group
A nice fit is a group of 4-6. When you have too many people and you go for pay-per-pax KTVs, you’re just helping them earn money but none of you can actually sing much.

Do not order alcohol
Number one: they’re expensive. Two: when you drink, you can’t really sing well.

Have a good meal before singing
So that you won’t waste money ordering food. Plus you will have enough energy to last through your singing.

Choose songs you know by heart
Seriously, if you’re going to sing, sing something you know. Don’t end up choosing a song that you spend half the time mumbling and half, breathing.

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