10 Special Items from McDonald’s All Over The World That Makes Nasi Lemak Just ‘Meh’

Ah, the sight of those golden gates when you step into a shopping mall can make your stomach weak for a McSpicy.

And if there’s one thing that’s got us Singaporeans beaming in pride, it has got to be the fact that we had the iconic Nasi Lemak burger on our menu at one point (or maybe permanently- who knows?).

Did you know that other countries in the world are also killing it with their special items? Here are the 10 which we felt had to be on the list – period.

But of course, visit these countries and these special items might not be available, because just like the burgers here, some of these items are available only for a limited time.

Still, check these out. Do you think they’re any better than our Nasi Lemak burger?

Veg Maharaja Mac – India

Image: McDonald’s India Blog

This has apparently been dubbed as a vegetarian’s dream that’s come true, and is the country’s answer to the Big Mac. Two corn/cheese patties stacked atop slivers of onions, jalapeno chilis, lettuce, cheddar cheese slices and then dressed with a wicked cocktail sauce.

If the patty is as good as Singapore’s Veggie Crunch, then I’ll say they’ve got a winner.

Poutine – Canada

Image: CBC.ca

Sounds like a real exotic dish, but it’s actually a simple serving of fries with cheese curds and gravy. It may seem like a bizarre combo, but the three go together really, really well!

After all, anything with cheese with good, right? Like teas…and pies?

Twisty Pasta – Hong Kong

Image: Travelling McDs

You’d never expect McDonald’s to serve you macaroni soup, but this is actually a favourite among breakfasters in HK. A chicken broth dish that’s got egg and mixed veggies in it, and of course, twisty pasta!

Sopa A Lavrador (Portugal)

Image: McDonald’s

A soup that’s filled with onions and garlic (duh!), ham, red beans, pasta and olive oil too. There are a few other types which could include kale, potatoes and chorizo or peas. Not sure about you but that sounds pretty heavenly.

Gourmet Angus Truffle and Cheese Burger – Australia

Image: News.com.au

I MEAN, this is the definition of richness. It has a couple of bacon strips on it, parmesan shaves, spinach leaves, quality Angus beef and yep, just the right hint of truffle to make it a knockout burger. Double what, KFC?

Empanadas – Venezuela

Image: Fiveprime

A national dish that’s got to be on the list in Venezuela, and can be filled either with just cheese, or a mix of ham and cheese. Break it in half and watch the cheese stretch out before your eyes!

Oh, just look at that. Doesn’t it resemble one of our favourite foods in Singapore, one that starts with C and ends with F?

Chili Cheese Tops – Finland

Image: Hoo.dk

Look’s like a fried tofu nugget, but what’s inside is gooey cheese and a spicy chili mix. The cheese might burn your tongue, but the chili will burn you.

Haloumi Muffin – Saudi Arabia

Image: McDonald’s Arabia

Breakfast with a twist – this muffin’s the ultimate Middle Eastern version with a thick slice of grilled Haloumi cheese, an olive paste layer, and tomatoes as well as lettuce. Yummy in an entirely different way!

Yakki Burger – Japan

Image: SoraNews24

A pork patty that comes with a dollop of ginger and soy sauce, and dressed simply with onion slices and lettuce leaves. Trust the Japanese to get it looking simple, yet yummy to the core!

Wacko Guaco – Belgium

Image: Flair.be

A medley of freshly made guacamole with a juicy chicken fillet that’s spicy. You’ll have to dig into it to believe what a marriage of flavors of these ingredients are gonna be like!

And I think one needs a relatively big mouth to bite into every ingredient. #justsaying

So, which of the 10 are on your most wanted McDonald’s list now? Same problem here – we like them all!

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