10 Things You Should Never Add in Your Resume If You Want To Get The Job

Even though the Singapore economy is stipulated to be in for another slow year in 2017, those searching for jobs should still try to remain hopeful as there will still be new jobs created in this upcoming year. What you should do now, though, is find ways to improve on your resumes so that the job search will be made much easier.

In schools, we always get lessons on crafting the perfect resumes to get your dream jobs. However, most of us would think that when it comes to writing a resume, the more information the better as it helps our future employees know more about ourselves.

Well, wrong. Because sometimes too much information isn’t good especially when the information is useless. Here are some of the information you should never, ever add in the resume. 

1. An objective

I mean, if you applied for the job, it’s already obvious that you want the job. Rather than writing down your objectives in your resume, talk to your interview about your goals and what you would like to achieve in the job in 1-2 year’s time. 

2. Your sob story 

No point telling them your dark past or how your dog died. Since your resume is a promotional document, all promotional documents need to be positive.

3. Every job you’ve ever had

Sure, you might have worked in Macdonalds or held a 1-month admin position in your Uncle’s company, but that does not add any value to the position of a Sales Manager that you’re applying for. 

4. Your hobbies

Honestly, nobody cares.

5. Achievements that aren’t really achievements

Won an eating competition before? Great. Stayed in a hall for a year? Okay, that’s good for your social life. But these aren’t achievements that can value-add your resume. Rather, stick to more professional or community-oriented achievement. 

6. Physical Characteristics

You will be surprised but people actually do add these “achievements” in their resume. Please, unless you are auditioning for the role of an actor or a model, don’t.

7. Bad grammar

Please get someone to validate your writing skills before submitting your resume. Submitting a resume with bad grammar is as good as not submitting it at all.

8. Unprofessional contact information

We all have weird email addresses from our past that were either derived from our MapleStory ID names or just random personalities we might have had like [email protected]

When submitting your contact information for a job, always include a professional email address. No one wants to hire a [email protected]

9. Overly casual tones

No “Hahahah” or “LOL” when crafting your cover letters or resumes, please. 

10. Two-plus pages of Cover letters

Because no one has the time to read through an essay about yourself. Keep it short and simple. If possible, write them in point form as well. 

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