10 things S’porean parents do that contribute to the Strawberry Generation

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Ah, the Strawberry Generation. We’ve written a number of articles about them, simply because we’ve encountered way too many of them: from people who just disappeared all of a sudden from work to people who demanded things as if the world owes them what they want.

But if you think about it, it’s due to their upbringing, which, in other words, means it’s their parents’ doings.

So, what exactly have they done that contributed to this strawberry generation?

They buy whatever their kids want
In the past, when kids begged and cried at the toy store, their parents would just walk off, and the kids would have to “suck thumb” and give up. Nowadays, all the kids needed to do is to ask, and they get what they want. What happens when they grow up? They’ll just ask for things they want—and if they don’t get it, they get angry.

They help the kids in any ways they can
Yeah, it might seem like they’re good parents, but if the kid is often helped by his parents, he’ll forget what it means when someone refuses to help him. And that, my dear friends, is why kids nowadays have a strong sense of entitlement.

They scold and punish whoever bullies their kids
Remember the case of the 29-year-old guy who was bullied by his supervisor in work, and only quit after a video of his supervisor slapping him got viral…and his parents going to speak to his supervisor? Yeah, here’s the perfect example of kids depending on someone else when they’re treated unfairly. They’ll grow up not knowing how to stand up for themselves.

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They let their kids live in the Internet
The best part (to the parents) is that the kids wouldn’t be led astray as he’s always on the Internet. The worst part (reality) is that the kids would be completely led astray by the Internet.

They refuse to punish their kids
Spare the rod and spoil the child—why can’t parents just remember this? People who aren’t in the strawberry generation always have this to say: they remember how painful caning is, and how it’s often not just one smack, but multiple ones.

They refuse to let others punish their kids
Teachers in the past had struck fear in students—teachers nowadays don’t dare to punish kids because their parents would complain. This leads to kids thinking that they can just get away with anything.

They treat their kids like princes or princesses
When one is being placed on the pedestal, he’ll usually have high expectations…even ones that are relatively illogical. And sad to say, we know many with these kinds of expectations.

They didn’t read books about parenting
The very first thing every couple should do, once they’ve become parents, should be to subscribe to Young Parents and read more about parenting…and following the advice. But many just believe that they know what they’re doing.

They give their kids lots of money
Because money is love, eh? Now you know why there’re so many new businesses started by young people that didn’t seem to make money yet has a fancy office. Because their cash flow isn’t from customers—it’s from their parents.

They give the kids the best
Of course, we all want that, and that sounds just so “good-parenting”, but the key word here is “give”. Give, and they’ll take things for granted. Worst of all? They’ll expect everyone to “give” as well.

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