10 Things We’ve Learnt From School That Doesn’t Apply In Real Life

Let’s face it: School times were fun, but we were taught a lot of stuff that seems like it was the MOST important thing ever.

So much so that if you got it wrong, you’re a dead duck walking.

Fast forward to your life now and you glance back and wonder – why the hell was I learning that in the first place?!

Let’s take a memory jog and see 10 things which we learnt that has no use whatsoever in life today.

1. How to Play a Recorder

Image: tucsonsongstress.com

All you learnt were five songs at most, and the rest was you blowing the flute like it’s a trumpet. No, seriously. Just be honest.

2. The Tongue Map for Tastebuds

Yes, you’ll only feel saltiness in one SPECIFIC section of your tongue, and nowhere else. What a lie that was. Because when that chili came, it struck us everywhere.

Image: sciencegeekgirl.com

3. The Triangle Way

Yes, so there’s four types of triangles. And then there’s the Pythagoras theorem. But you applied that fundamental knowledge last when again?

4. Name the Planets

Just because it was important to know about the universe. And then suddenly, Pluto disappeared from our memory.

Image: 2.bp.blogspot.com

5. Finding The Mode

Thanks, teachers. We’ve got Excel to help us out now. What a relief!

6. Grow a Seed with a Wet Paper Towel

Just because we should know how life begins in a plant.

7. Colouring Within the Lines

Hey, at least if the need ever comes up to colour something, you’ll know how to do it. Plus take a look at these pretty colouring work for adults.

8. How to Use WordArt

Now that’s an ancient form of fonts I’ve never read of in ages. Have you heard of it?

Image: homeandlearn.co.uk
Image: homeandlearn.co.uk

9. Prime Numbers

Yes, there was a time when knowing a prime number made a big difference in your grades.

Image: laetusinpraesens.org
Image: laetusinpraesens.org

10. The Periodic Table

Memorising every element on this chemistry table made you a hardcore chemistry student. Also understanding how elements work or fight to their deaths with each other. Here’s a recap just in case.

Image: s2.thingpic.com
Image: s2.thingpic.com

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This article was first published on goodyfeed.com in 2016 and revised on 14 July 2017.

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