10 Valid Reasons Why A Gamer Girlfriend Is The Best Girlfriend Ever

They say that a gamer girl is boring. I’ll say that they are one of the best girlfriend ever, especially when you’re a gamer too. As the saying goes, a couple that games together, stays together. 

Well, and you can also rest assured that you won’t be in for the shits when you ditch her for your game because she’ll totally understand. #justsaying. 

1. She is low-maintenance

She doesn’t need to you bring her to expensive dinner dates or buy luxurious gifts. All she needs is you, and her game. Okay, fine. Maybe she will occasionally wish that you splurge on her with the latest game or two – but at least that’s still cheaper than any branded bags you have to buy for her. 

2. She isn’t clingy

They respect the idea of having alone time. Especially when you’re a gamer, you will need time to level up your character or to chiong to legend. And she will also be by your side gaming together with you. 

3. You won’t run out of things to do

There is only so much to do in Singapore, and town is constantly flowing with people. Generally after a while, there will be nothing left to do. When you have a gamer girl, your girl will naturally have something to do at home. 

And when you have a gamer girlfriend, she’ll always look out for the latest games for the both of you to play together! 

4. She saves your money

Which brings me to my next point- She helps you to save your money. Instead of going shopping every weekend, she stays home to game. Your wallet will thank you for that! 

5. She is an expert at problem-solving

Gaming has taught her how to solve even the trickiest puzzles. So if this isn’t good training, I don’t know what is! And the more challenging the problem is, the more she’ll want to tackle them! 

6. She is resourceful 

Playing in survival mode has taught her how to survive, even with little amount of resources. Need someone to help you in the inevitable zombie apocalypse? She knows every item you’ll need for survival. 

7. She understands what can & cannot be interrupted 

She respects that some things in your life cannot be interrupted, because she knows that pain. Pausing an online game? That is definitely something that CANNOT be interrupted. Period. 

8. She is playful

Being a gamer girl, it is definitely part of her nature to be playful. She will be both your playmate and your partner. Isn’t that awesome?

9. She is tech savvy

She has probably come across many any kind of cables, connection ports, controllers and consoles that would confuse the hell out of you. No worries, she has got you covered. 

10. She is a kid at heart

No matter how old she is, she will still have the love for her favourite games. Even when she is forty years old. Yes, she will forever be a kid at heart, and you know just how adorable that is to you. 

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