10 Weirdest McDonald’s Ads All Over the World

McDonald’s is a worldwide brand, and it’s got some really great burgers, golden fries and for kids, a superb Happy Meal pack.

Whenever you feel like having a cheat meal, the first place that pops into your mind is McDonald’s and an upsized Double McSpicy.

You’ve seen their ads here every other time, but have you wonder what their oddest advertisements are?

Take a look at these 10 we’ve found, originating from all over the world!

1. Obama’s Lookalike Cameo in McDonald’s Israeli Ad

Image: businessinsider.com

The ad has Obama’s doppelganger saying “God Bless Israel”, and what unfolds before that Is even more mind-twisting. The Obama lookalike literally makes a couple of teens cancel their plans for Saturday night JUST TO open a McDonald’s joint (which has been closed, by the way).

2. McDonald’s Mulan Promotion circa 1998

There was a limited edition Szechuan sauce which was part of a Mulan-McDonald’s promo almost 20 years back. Take a look at the ad right here. You’ve been warned – it’s old, but yep, it has Disney written all over it!

3. This Bizarre Robotic Turkish Ad

The story revolves about what it would have been if the Turks made the first McDonald’s burger, among other ground-breaking things. I love the accent that comes with the video, and it, as always, ends with the tagline – We’re loving it.

I mean, what’s not to love?

4. The Meatloaf Song Version

The famous 90s song “I Would Do Anything For Love” ends with a McD sandwich, and it pretty much looks like a perfect loving couple, until the woman tries to steal a fry from the guy. Suddenly got Jackie Chan movements and the guy becomes a Hulk – pretty much domestic abuse. Over a fry? And the message is possibly this – Don’t try and steal my fries, I will beat you up!


5. Pulp Fiction Meets McDonald’s in Israel

As crazy as it sounds, it’s pretty good too. Have a peek! And the ad’s about a McShwarma, in case you’re wondering!

6. Australia and Hamburglars

Their fries are so good coz of the Tasmanian potatoes that you’ve got to keep your eyes on your fries. We’ve all known how good McD fries are – steal-worthily good!

7. Sexy Ronald McDonald?

This ad is from Japan, with a Hot Clown Girl who advertises a burger called Tomato McGrande. The ad makes you want the burger (and other things too).

8. Korean Man Steals Fries and Winds Up Dead

Wah, that serious ah? Here I steal from my boyfriend the most I get is a scary side look leh.

9. Saudi Arabia and the Goldfish Burger

Image: Ads of the world

I admit it’s kinda artsy to have a goldfish bowl in the shape of a burger, and have a live fish swimming around. But if you’re vegan or vegetarian, this seems like a pretty cruel thing to see or suggest.

10. This Swedish Ad About McDonalds and Telekinesis

The kids in the video want McDonald’s and use their mind powers to get their parents to bring them there. The voiceovers are pretty creepy.

I wonder what other freaky McDonald ads are lurking on the Internet?

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