12 Signs That You Stay Up WAY Too Late

Here’s something you’ll agree: you’ve told yourself that you’ll develop the habit of 早睡早起, but for the nth times, you’re still staying up late.

That’s understandable – but how late is too late?

Here are 12 signs that you’ve been staying up way too late. Check these signs, if not your boss is going to be the one who check you out of your job.

1. You think about eating at 3am in the morning.
Your version of a “midnight snack” consists of digging for some food in your fridge at 3am in the morning, or a hot cup of milo after midnight. While supper is earlier for most people, you simply don’t see the problem of eating several hours later when everyone’s asleep.

2. You procrastinate until 10pm and finally start work at 12am.
The most unproductive hours are the after-dinner hours where you laze around practically doing nothing. When 12am hits, you’re suddenly on turbo mode and everything becomes ten times more productive. You focus on work, you read your notes, and you’re actually doing something that matters.

3. People wonder why the hell you’re up at 4am on social media.
So there’s nothing better than late night banter, am I right? You proceed to be all philosophical and chatty with people on social media at 3 or 4am in the morning, and yet all you get are worried questions like “y u no sleep yet?” that flood your inbox. There’s nothing wrong with FB browsing at that time too, right?

4. When people say that staying up till 11pm is “late”, you roll your eyes.
Hah! Amateurs. Everyone knows that the party doesn’t start till after.

5. You stay up late so often that you no longer worry about people breaking into your home.
There’s one person to guard the fortress, and that’s you. Everyone in the house sleeps at ease knowing that you’re up and alert at the deadly-silent hours of the night.

6. Coffee is weak.
You’ve become quite resistant to it at this point.

7. You enjoy staying up late for your “me-time”.
Your life is flooded with PEOPLE in the day. People talking to you, people judging you, people OFFENDING you without even trying! What better way to soothe it all away than having your best “me-time” at night? You prowl the Internet, watching your favourite shows and laughing at the best stuff and decide that it’s the best way to live.

8. You have that ONE friend who does the same thing, and they’re sort of your bff-for-life.
They understand the depths of your soul, that’s why.

9. You end up being on the weird parts of the Internet.
What’s “weird” is a matter of opinion, FYI.

10. You simply just CAN’T go to bed early.
And when people ask, your simplest answer is that your sleep cycle is very, very messed up.

11. And when you finally sink onto your bed, your mind is still horrendously active.
But seriously, why, though? You want to sleep, and yet your mind continues whirring on like it’s some 24/7 factory machine. It’s kinda cool and annoying at the same time because you can’t shut it up even though you badly want to.

12. You cringe when morning finally comes.

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