13 Types of WhatsApp Groups We Confirm-Plus-Chop Have in Our WhatsApp

How many WhatsApp groups do you have on your phone? No, take a guess for a second instead of counting it down. Probably 10? Maybe 15?

Well, I checked with a few people. There could be just 10 or 15 active ones, but there would be like 20 to 30 dead groups.

Irrespective of the number of chat groups you have on the app, we’re sure you’ve got these kind of groups on your phone!

The Happy Family Group
Yes, you have to have one with your parents, annoying siblings and sometimes even your grandma or grandpa in them, but it sure puts a smile on your face to have everyone in one place!

Crazy Sports Group
Arsenal, Ferrari, Manchester United, Liverpool or even Everton – if there’s a few of you in your friends list, there’s a group to talk about every match, race or game!

Game of Thrones Unite
Where else can you talk about the crazy and sick episodes that you guys have binge-watched again, and again, AND AGAIN? Okay, maybe not just Game of Thrones, but you get the idea: any show that everyone is gaga over.

Schoolmates Reunion Foreva
Just because you’re in Singapore and your BFFs from school are now in Hong Kong and Australia, that doesn’t mean you guys can’t keep in touch and gossip anymore, right?

Your NS group
Only for the guys, there are often (according to what I know) a NSF group, a reservist group and a RT group. And in each group, there’s a sub-group for company, platoon, section and BFFs. Gosh, I don’t know how they can keep up with all these people.

The Working Group
Everyone in the company or department is in this group: except for the boss. And the boss in in another group that is as quiet as a cemetery. It’s already a shocker that a boss knows how to use WhatsApp (just saying, you know, no offence boss).

A Group That’s, Well, Dead
It was created ages ago, yet no one comments on it anymore. Well, you might see a Christmas text in two months. Seriously, why are you even still here? Oh yes, coz your crush is also in the group.

The Study Group
Need to ask questions on your assignments or need pointers on a subject? Welcome to the world of online self-tutoring. Kinda fun too!

Party People and Late Nights
Don’t know how to spend your weekend nights? Send one text out and in seconds – you’ll have a location, time and a bunch of buddies getting ready to go all wild!

Young Mommas
You and a bunch of your office mates or friends from the neighbourhood created this group, and ever since then, since your kid’s having a cough or cold, all you have to do is ask one question and you’ll have tons of remedies and doctor’s clinics recommended to you!

The Cousins Group
It’s always fun to keep in touch with your cousins, and even when you don’t get to see them, it’s nice to holla out once in a way. Great for getting some advice too.

The Extended Family Chat Group
This one covers all the uncles, aunties, their kids and probably even grandkids in their teens. If you try and exit, your mom or dad’ll give you hell and then add you back.

The Promo Code Group
You join just for one purpose: get the latest Uber or Grab promo code. Over here, you wonder why people share promo codes but are glad that they did: without them, you won’t have switched from buses / trains to cars #justsaying

Sure, there are many other kinds of groups out there, but we figured this is the MUST-have WA group list. So, have you received your good morning texts for today already?

No? Well, there’s still a few hours left to the day (or night, depending on when you’re reading this). Unless it’s sunset time, you’d be getting goodnight images to your phone pretty soon.

But smile you must, and reply you have to also. Or you’re pretty much dead meat.

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