$3.50/hr Hidden KTVs in CCs Can Compete with Teo Heng

The sky is blue; the grass is green; in other news, Teo Heng is cheap.

For a long time, Teo Heng has been a practical godsend for us poor songbirds, because the pricing rates are just out of this world.

But it seems that there’s a new competitor in town.

Meet Playlist KTV, the new cheap Hipster KTV that’s attracting all the chicks.

Killer Rates

Image: Playlist KTV Facebook Page

While Teo Heng’s pricing rates are admittedly superior, I would say that a rate of $3.50 per hour is still dirt cheap.

And if you consider the other features they have, you will realize that it’s a practical steal.

Free Wi-Fi

Yes, folks. There’s free Wi-Fi.

And you don’t even need to key in a long password like ‘mycolleaguelikestodancethechachanottellingwhoitisalrightjustaclueitsadudeandhes19227B343O934902832O3x22N32H3234U3+_609322-0N34-‘.

Just tap on their Wi-Fi, and you’re in!

No more manual selections

If there’s one thing I despise about Teo Heng, it’s having to walk to the screen, sit down, hunch your back and proceed to manually input your song selections.

To make it even worse? The selection system isn’t exactly innovative. In other words, it sucks. Sometimes you just can’t find a song, because the initials and order simply refuse to match up (it might also be because I just suck at it, but I’m a glass half-full kind of guy).

But guess what? Playlist KTV has scrapped that annoying bit, and implemented a whole new fuss-free and convenient way of selecting songs!

At Playlist KTV, you can use your mobile phone to order songs.

Simply connect to the Wi-Fi (if you haven’t done so), surf the site listed in the instructions and boom; the playlist is there on your phone.

Sweet and simple.

Just the way I like my girls.

Just kidding.


I like to think that I sing like Bruno Mars, but the cold hard truth is that I sing like Donald Duck. When he’s giving birth.

So you can kind of tell why I don’t really relish singing in public. Firstly, I get self-conscious. Secondly, I don’t want my friends to know what a duck giving birth sounds like.

But sometimes, I just get dragged along to KTV by my friends, either by force or because I’m feeling gung-ho that day. As a result, I have to sit through 3 hours of non-stop singing, all the while trying my best not to sing above the projected volume in the system.

If you can understand my pain, congrats; you’re like me!


But look; there’s a holy grail in sight.

For Playlist KTV has a darts system that you can fiddle with, for just $1 per game (per pax)!

Image: Playlist KTV Facebook Page

On average, you’ll get 15 rounds, 3 throws per round for each game.

There are also shorter “Funzone” games like Boxing, where players have to aim at certain numbers to box other players. This costs around 50 cents per game per person, and lasts on average 8-10 rounds, with 3 throws per round.

In conclusion, you get to sing AND play darts at the same time.

Late night singing sessions

If you’re a midnight owl who enjoys singing sorrowfully when everyone else is asleep, don’t worry; Playlist KTV has got your back.

Image: Playlist KTV Facebook Page

The outlet at Sembawang CC is open from 1pm till 1am (till 2am on Fridays and Saturdays). The one at West Coast CC, although unspecified, is expected to have the same operating hours.

Common Hall Singing

There’s even a social element for the confident singers out there! (Because honestly speaking, no mediocre singer is ever going to sing in front of others. Unless he doesn’t know it.)

The common hall is really spacious, and you’re free to order songs from there.

Image: Playlist KTV Facebook Page

While the elderly are pretty tech-saavy nowadays, there might be some who are alien to the concept. Thus, the common hall.

There’s even an old-school KTV room with a DVD player (people still use that?), and you can bring a disc containing all your favourite songs, pop it in and just sing along!

1x FREE DRINK inclusive for any 3hr Deal Booking

Who could ever say no to a free drink?

Unless you’re really health-conscious, but that’s beside the point.

What’s the response like?

You know what they say: “A movie might be exceptional, but if the reviews stink, nobody’s ever going to want to give it a try.” #sotrue

In Playlist KTV’s case, well… response has been nothing short of overwhelming so far.

Just check out this multitude of 5 Star reviews!

Image: Playlist KTV Facebook Page
Image: Playlist KTV Facebook Page
Image: Playlist KTV Facebook Page
Image: Playlist KTV Facebook Page


I know; I know. You’re sick of my rambling, and you just want to check it out for yourselves. I heard you, so here y’all go!

Playlist KTV @ Sembawang
Sembawang CC #02-13, 2125 Sembawang Road, Singapore, 758528

Opening hours:
Sun – Thurs: 1pm to 1am
Fri – Sat: 1pm to 2am

Tel:  8686 6617

Playlist KTV @ West Coast
West Coast CC, #02-01, 2 Clementi West Street 2, 129605

(Note: the West Coast outlet is new. As a result, the opening hours have yet to be officially stated. However, we are expecting the timings to be the same as its Sembawang counterpart.)

Phone: 8686 6617

What are you waiting for?

Sing to your heart’s content at Playlist KTV this weekend!

On a separate note, it’s time to buck up, Teo Heng.

Just because you’re the king, doesn’t mean you’ll stay the king forever.

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