3 Essential Running Tools That Will Get Your Butt Moving

Running has extremely good therapeutic qualities. One obvious benefit is that if you often feel winded during the day, running can help you develop better respiration. This means you would experience less fatigue because running strengthens your lungs, thus enabling it to regulate more oxygen throughout your body. This aids almost every part of your body.

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Another thing that is worth noting is the running gear. I can’t stress how the gear brings satisfaction into my run. Different people rate the importance of running gear differently, but no one can deny how good running gear enhances the experience many-fold.

However, most of the time, it’s all about improving the experience. My running gear is essential to everything I view about exercise and working-out.

The Shoes

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If running is the activity, then your shoes are the vehicle. How comfortable a run will be and how fast your legs will recover or will be protected depends solely on your running shoes.

The general rule about getting a good pair isn’t about the cheapness of it. As a matter of fact, don’t go cheap, go all out. Think about it: if a shoe falls apart after a mile of running, or gets soft and causes you to twist your ankle occasionally, cheap shoes isn’t going to be a worthwhile investment.

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But, hey, you do get much savings out of ZALORA for a  classic pair of Nike Free 5.0’s, and still get that premium durability and comfort you so desire. These shoes wrap my feet around with such well-fabricated synthetic mesh that not only keeps its shape after long mileage but is impervious to snags and dry dirt.

The result is stable running footwear that allows for protection and comfort. I like Nike for its softness underneath the toughness. Some other brands do provide really good protection but they end up really rigid and thus blister-producing. This isn’t the case for the Nike Free, which feels light, aerodynamic, tough and yet soft. The two essential, utmost traits about these shoes are comfortable runs and really cool looks.

You shouldn’t expect any less than those things, as I found from my own experiences, and they come at a not-so-hefty price of RM 359.20 (normal price: RM 449.00).

The Armband

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Get it from: Lazada

Besides the shoes and your clothing, you want to be having your phone with you at all times. Phones have Google Maps, other map software and a GPS for the times that you would want to be able to navigate new places. They also have fitness tracking apps like Endomondo to tell you how far you have been and how many calories you have burned. You also have your all-important music on them. Nothing beats running to something smooth on Spotify.

For this, you will appreciate the Haweel Universal PU Smartphone armband case which features a see-through synthetic plastic true-touch navigation window. It allows for easy use without even having to handle your phone at all. That is handy but the bigger size was the one thing I loved about the Fitletic. This really durable neoprene armband pouch takes big phablet phones within it without issue and, as a result, shields them completely from mud and water.

It doesn’t slip down your arm, courtesy of the grippy adjustable strap, and feels really comfortable; definitely not abrasive even with much sweat rolling down and going in between fabric and skin. Most importantly, you will be having your phone with you on good long runs, and long hikes if you see fit. Definitely a must-have for the experience and available at Lazadaat only RM 22.61 (normal price: RM 30.00)

The earphones

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Get them from: Lazada and Groupon

Another must-have for the experience would have to be the earphones. You can’t be without your Rihanna tunes on a sweaty slog in humid Malaysia. So you generally want these earphones to be wireless, to have as little slip as possible without risking discomfort, and you want the sound quality to be really premium.

Like the Yurbuds Inspire Limited Edition Wireless from Lazada, which were the most comfortable from my personal testing. They fit securely without being affected by sweat within the ears. The silicone in-ear sleeves were responsible for a good fit. However, the one flaw is that they do not isolate external noise completely, but the already solid acoustic quality does make up for it, making it one of the most complete packages for a Bluetooth headset. You want good fit that does not slip off even under the most rigorous running, all while getting good sound quality? The Yurbuds Inspire should certainly be the one to aim for. At RM 487.58, this item is a bit of a splurge but look at it as an investment if you are a stickler for quality.

For a cheaper alternative, you can get the Sennheiser Adidas Sports In-ear Earphones from Groupon for only RM169. While you might compromise a bit on construction and sound quality, it’s a great deal for those who want earphones that do their job well without having to pay a hefty price for it.

Readers, don’t just run. Do it with style, comfort and satisfaction with some worthwhile equipment and footwear. Guess what, you can find pretty much all of it on ShopBack.

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