4 Trending Ingredients In Skincare You Should Know To Achieve Flawless Skin

There are always trends every year, for e.g. the trending toy, word, or even food. Likewise goes for skin care too. Last year, one of trending highlights in skin care ingredients was fulvic acid. How about this year? Is there something that you frequently come across either in the news or in the products you buy or recommended by facial specialists? We specially collated this list of 2016 trending ingredients in skin care just for you!

The 3 Trending Ingredients In Skincare


Licorice is the root of the plant (Glycyrrhiza glabra) that is native to Asia and parts of southern Europe. The common purpose that licorice is used includes being conscripted as a flavour for the harmful cigarette. It is also being used in herbal medications etc for a number of digestive conditions (colic, heartburn, stomach ulcer etc).

Because of its anti-inflammatory property, the licorice has also been studied and shown to reduce acne-causing bacteria. At the same time, licorice also contains substances that could inhibit the stimulation of an enzyme to start melanin production, meaning that it is also effective against the ravages of aging, hyperpigmentation and liver spots.


Don’t be fooled by the scientific name. Niacinamide has other names too, but is better known as part of the vitamin B family. It also packs a punch in keeping the skin from the aging process. Among other benefits, niacinamide is able to improve the elasticity of the skin and enhance the healthy texture and tone of the skin.

In one Olay study, scientists found that niacinamide is particularly potent against the skin-damaging effects of participants who live in polluted areas. Therefore it is one vital component in skin care products.


Ceramides are natural moisture-capturing lipids which are major components in the skin layer. They are the glue to ensuring the integrity of the cellular membrane. Therefore it is always important to replenish these lipids on a regular basis to fight against all kinds of skin condition that age or damage it.

In fact, there’s such a big market for ceramides that Research Corridor, a leading market research player, has recently published a study charting the global trends, market share and growth forecast for 2015 – 2022.

Hyaluronic Acid

A natural substance found in the human body, such as the eyes and the joints, hyaluronic acid is mainly consumed by people for joint disorders etc. In addition, it is also a powerful structural component for the skin.

One of the biggest abilities of this substance is its capability to retain moisture. As you may know, our skin requires lots of moisture, otherwise, it would appear as dried up and wrinkled, and make us look horrible.

With hyaluronic acid, your skin would be supple and hydrated and create the full youthful look you always desire!



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