4 After-Work Activities You Can Do in the CBD Other Than Catching Pokemon

What do you usually do after work? Some of us may unwind at a nearby bar with friends, while most of us squeeze ourselves into sardine-packed trains that seem to serve as human cargo transport.

If you are tired of the same old routine and you’re looking for something fresh to do near your workplace after the sun sets, this is for you.

1. Scoot Around CBD

4 After Work Activities at the CBD Scoot

It seems like the scooter is back in the trend recently, with electric ones being the way to go. After the sun sets, it’s also much cooler to scoot around the CBD. Scooters are also great for manoeuvring through crowds if you happen to start your journey from a packed location.

If you don’t fancy the idea of an electric scooter (they can be expensive and heavy to carry around), you can always opt for an adult kick scooter, which is great in helping you burn extra calories and discover more of the skyline.  Whee!

2. Take a Class And Learn Something New


Miss being a student? Here’s your chance to be one all over again. There are plenty of night classes located in or near CBD – from language classes at Ikoma Langauge School (Shaw Tower, 5 min walk from Orchard MRT) to yoga sessions at Real Yoga (Centrepoint, 3 min walk from Somerset MRT).

3. Flee to This Flea!

4 After Work Activities at the CBD flea Fiit

Are shopping malls becoming too homogeneous to you? Tanjong Pagar has something different in store for you. MAAD stands for Market of Artists and Designers and it is currently Singapore’s largest recurring creative marketplace. You can check out the MAAD Flea on Friday nights and be inspired by the local creative scene. The items there make good birthday gifts too, in case you are looking for one.

Address: 28 Maxwell Road, Singapore 069120
Hours: 5pm – 12am, one Friday a month
Closest MRT station: Tanjong Pagar MRT

4. Let There Be Light and Water

4 After Work Activities at the CBD MBS Light water show

Life can’t get more Wonder Full than this. There’s water and light show at the Event Plaza along the Promenade every single night. Watch the water transform into scenes of ethereal images, dancing streams and glitters of light, accompanied by strains of music and song. Best part? It’s FREE!

Catch the show at 8pm and 9.30pm daily. Encores are on every Friday and Saturday night at 11pm, in case you missed the earlier show. Note: You have to be on the Marina Bay Sands side to catch the Water Show, although the Light Show can be seen all the way across the bay. You can catch one at 8pm and then stroll over to the other side to watch the other at 9.30pm. This is awesome!

Looking for more things to do after work around the outskirts of CBD? You might be interested in what the Singapore Sports Hub has to offer. Check out these 8 fun things you can do at the Singapore Sports Hub here!

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