5 Facts About Changi Airport T5, a Game-changer in S’pore

Terminal 4 was unveiled to the public late last year, and suffice it to say that we were pretty hyped.

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And we weren’t disappointed; Terminal 4 looked really sleek and polished, considering the notion that Terminal 4 was constructed as a budget terminal in mind.

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Which led to the all-important question:

If Changi T4 could turn out so impressive despite its ‘limitations’, just how amazing will their next big project, T5, be?

As it turns out, pretty amazing.

And here are 5 exemplary facts to showcase just how phenomenal T5 could be.

Its gonna be big. Really big.

Picture this: Changi Airport currently occupies 1,350 hectares of land. And lest you’re unaware, that’s pretty much the size of 3.5 Marina Bays.

Now picture this: Terminal 5 is being built on one of Singapore’s largest construction sites, which weighs in at 1,000 hectares. That’s roughly the size of Tampines new town, or 2.5 Marina Bays.

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The new third runway and other buildings will also be incorporated.

In addition, Changi’s annual capacity is predicted to increase by 50 million passengers initially, and up to 70 million if required. This would mean a whopping 150 million passengers a year, compared with the current capacity of 82 million.

Talk about big.

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Its estimated completion date is 2030

That’s right; Terminal 5 is expected to be completed in 12 years’ time!

Which might be pretty long, but hey; I’m pretty sure Liverpool still wouldn’t have won an EPL title by then 😉

Costs are gonna be… hefty

With such grand plans in the works, it’s a no-brainer that expenditure is going to get a tad bit… taxing. But how taxing, exactly?

Well, as it turns out, the cost of T5 isn’t just expected to run into billions.

It’s expected to run into tens of billions.

Comparable to planned airport expansions in London and Hong Kong, the investment has been called a “slam-dunk” by Centre for Aviation Chief analyst Brendan Sobie, owing to Asia’s economic and travel growth.

Addition of links and routes

According to Channel News Asia, T5 will also allow carriers (especially Singapore Airlines) to “add links and routes to enhance the nation’s connectivity”.

This is a major development, as it means the scheduling of more flights, and less competition for air tickets, so to speak.

SIA CEO Goh Choon Phong, for one, recognised the limit on SIA, which currently conducts services to over 60 destinations.

“Right now … during the peak hours, we’re already having difficulty adding more flights,” shared Mr Goh, who is in “no doubt about the need for T5”.

“We’ve ordered some 50 billion dollars’ worth of aircraft coming in, and … in order to expand, the airport has to have the capacity.”

Incidentally, the current two airways will soon reach full capacity, making the need for a third one, which is being constructed at a cost of just over S$1 billion, even “more urgent” than T5.

The new 4km-long airstrip will be prepped by the early 2020s, and will require 40km of taxiways to link it to the existing terminals.

Image: Channel News Asia

New features

Last but definitely not the least, we arrive at arguably our favourite point of the day:

The new features T5 will offer!

For one, it’s set to be more sustainable, with developments in renewable energy in the works, and rainwater harvesting. For the latter, rainwater will be allowed to drain into a canal, whereby they will capture the water, treat it and push it back into their systems.

Image: Channel News Asia

For two, technology such as automated check-in kiosks and bag drops will be incorporated into the mix to make travelling easier, alongside new systems to bring luggage “more efficiently and securely” to the aircraft.

Image: Channel News Asia

For three, a single large terminal is in the works, that will allow airline groups in T5 “to consolidate their operations under one roof”.

Other functional features include compartmentalised spaces and new types of sky trains, which might be included in a bid to minimise walking distances.

Tunnels, including for baggage, will also be incorporated to link T5 to the existing terminals. They will supposedly “connect between the terminals exactly as if they’re in one Changi”.

Terminal 5

I’ve no doubt in mind that Terminal 5’s gonna be a roaring success (this is not a sponsored post), and that it’s gonna make Singapore great again- as always (this is really not a sponsored post).

So let’s welcome Terminal 5 with open arms, and look forward to the endless possibilities ahead!

Image: Channel News Asia

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