5 Makeup Tips for Creating a Sweet, Romantic Look To Attract Your Boyfriend More

Follow the following tips to create a sweet, romantic look for your dates!

1. Eye Shadow

Pearly, pinkish eye shadows are in trend. However, Amy suggests applying brown eye shadow around the upper eye socket area, if pinkish eye shadow will make your eyes look swollen.

2. Eyeliner

Use brown eyeliner to create a softer look.

3. Blusher

Coral blusher complements pinkish eye shadows very well for a balanced romantic look. If you want to use a pink-based blusher, the overall look will appear too girly and cute.

4. Lips
Apply a lighter lip colour first, followed by a darker shade at the centre of the lips to create the trendy Korean gradient lips


The Final Look:

Featured Image: plus.com.sg

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