50 Year-Old Woman Looks like She’s 20, And Even Gets Mistaken As Son’s GF

Sometimes, reading news like these makes me wonder how I will end up looking at 50. But with all the neglected skincare routines and the lack of exercise I’m getting now, I don’t think I’ll ever look anywhere near that.

So, really, like what they say, beauty is about 70% effort and 30% based on your natural looks. 

Just like her.


My reaction, exactly.


China-born Ms Liu has certainly garnered quite a reaction on her social media platform after posting up a photo of her glowing skin, super-toned body with not a single wrinkle in sight. She got a total of 75,000 followers after posting her photos on Weibo. Many people did not believe that she was 49 when she revealed her age.

According to Ms Liu’s Weibo, whenever she went shopping and told people her real age, she often got mobbed by strangers who wanted to find out her secrets.


Ms Liu also often gets mistaken as her son’s girlfriend. Her son works as an assistant at a film production company. Ms Liu said once she went to attend a friend’s wedding with her son, who works as an assistant at a film production company.


She was pestered by many guests who wanted to find out if the 22-year-old was her new partner.


Her secret lies in this life motto that she firmly believes in

‘If you think you look rough, that’s because you haven’t sweated enough.’

She would often post workout and bikini videos of herself training hard as an inspiration for other women. 


The fitness fanatic shares her fitness regime where she swims in the lake and does weight training every day. Her favourite past-time is swimming outdoors in the winter. While everyone is wearing down jackets, she prefers to strip down to her bikini and dive into the freezing water which tests her will and perseverance. 


Moral of the story?


Exercise, exercise and exercise.

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Featured Image: dailymail.co.uk

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Cassandra Tan