6 Valid Reasons Why People Love K-Pop So much

I know that everyone (or those deeply rooted in the k-Pop culture) might disagree with me after reading this. So first, let me clarify that I am not a K-pop fan and these are just observations I’ve gathered over the past few years. 

K-Pop is something that has been evolving for a couple of years now, and it’s still ever-growing because people just can’t seem to get enough of it.

And if you’ve been wondering what is the thing with K-pop that captivates people so much, below are 6 reasons why. 

1. The  unimaginably catchy songs

Where do I even begin. It feels like every other day, some Korean band just pops out of nowhere and it feels like I’ve no way to catch up with them – well, other than those iconic hits played in dramas like DOTS or Goblin that I can faintly recognise.

But to K-Pop fans, these songs convey so much more. They convey stories, emotions and most of the time, these songs are unimaginably catchy. I’m sure you would have heard hits like ‘Sorry Sorry’ or ‘Nobody But You’. 

And I also bet that one of these two songs are in your head right now. 

2. The varied sense of fashion 

I mean, have you ever watched a K-pop MV before? If you did, you would know that their fashion choices are almost insane because it feels like they just pile on whatever they can find in their wardrobe as long as it fits.

And that’s the thing about fashion isn’t it? It’s always about layering.

3. The personalities of K-Pop stars

I mean, have you even seen G-Dragon’s advertisement for Moonshot yet? Yup, he’s a cover model for the Korean makeup brand (it’s sold on Sephora, by the way).

But point is, these Korean personalities are so open about self-expression and showing their true personalities that they don’t give a f about how others think about them. Their confidence is always through the roof, and they are not afraid to show who they really are.

4. Their insanely challenging dance moves

The onset of K-pop also started a whole new dance culture in Singapore, where people even take K-pop dance lessons for the challenge and thrill. In fact, K-pop is one of those genre that requires singers to become professional dancers because their dance moves are that complicated.

I mean, have you even attempted one before? I did and I gave up before completing the entire dance set. The amount of coordination required is insane.

5. Diverse Talent

I still remember that initially when this whole K-pop madness started, my best friend would tell me x and x from SNSD are not Korean, but from America – or something along that line. I can’t really remember and I would become so surprised.

“Huh, you mean they’re from America and they can speak and sing Korean so fluently?”
“Yeah. They’re really talented”

Yeah, and there you have it. Their hard work and commitment to fulfill their dreams is always something worth noting. 

6. You get to learn a lot about other cultures with K-Pop

If you’ve realised, it’s not uncommon to find various Western references in K-pop. And the beauty lies in that they can mix both English and Korean in one song, and it still sounds sane. 

Well, at least better than mixing English into Chinese songs – I feel that’s always the most awkward combination because you know the pronunciation just sounds…. weird. 

Featured Image: Randy Miramontez / Shutterstock.com

Cassandra Tan

Cassandra Tan

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Cassandra Tan