7 Effective Ways to Remove Water That is Stuck in Your Ear

Whenever we go swimming or take a bath, there will always be this one time where the water will somehow find its way into your ears and stay there.

I‘ve there before, so I understand how uncomfortable it feels to be unable to hear in one ear. And that watery feeling of having that damn water being lodged in your ear.

Overall, you just don’t feel good and you feel the urge and need to immediately force the water out of your ears so that you can hear properly again and feel better.

Well, fret not: here’re seven ways to help you remove that god-damn water stuck in your ears (sorry arh, just thinking about it makes me feel 火).

1) Ear-Drain
This is probably the most common method used by people when water get stuck in their ears. Basically, just tilt your head to one side with the affected ear where water is stuck in facing downwards, then gently pull your earlobe downwards. Alternatively, you can also hop on one leg and let gravity dislodge the stuck water. Do it a few times because if the water is so stubborn in entering your ear, you can expect it to be as stubborn when removing it.

2) Popping your ears
Close your nose with your fingers, press your lips together and blow air as hard as you can into your nasal cavity and then repeat a few times. The resulting pressure building up in your ears will “pop” your ear and force the water out.

You might need to do it a few times. And when the “pop” results in water seeping out, the feel is just…heavenly.

3) Let gravity take over
Well, as the title suggests, you can just do nothing and let gravity take over. Just go to sleep with the affected ear facing downwards towards the pillow and gravity will do its job of dislodging the stuck water in your ear naturally.

It’s no doubt the most effortless method, but the slowest, of course.

4) Hair-dry your ear
Well, if you own a hair-dryer, you can just switch on the hair-drier, place it near your ear and wait for the warm air to evaporate the water stuck in your ear. Just remember two things: One, don’t turn the temperature too high or else your ear canals might get burnt and secondly, before you blow it against the affected ear, place it at least a foot away from the ear.

In other words, use your common sense when you hair-dry your ear.

5) Chew or yawn
That’s right. You got to chew or yawn as much as possible. This is because when you chew or yawn, you are actually encouraging the inner tubes in your ear to open and that stretches the Eustachian tubes, which are attached to the ear canal. That is where the water is usually stuck at. Remember to tilt the affected ear downwards when you chew or yawn so that you can encourage the water to flow out via gravity.

6) Fight water with water
Some of you might not believe this, but when you have water stuck in your ear, force it out with more water. Basically, pour some water into the affected ear, wait for a few seconds, and then tilt the affected ear downwards so that the water will flow out. Apparently, the stuck water will get mixed with the water you just poured in and will come out together, providing your relief and proper hearing once more.

7) Suction
Simply just press your hand hard against the affected ear for a few seconds and then release. You will feel this suction effect, which will force the stuck water out after a few times of doing it.

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This article was first published on goodyfeed.com in 2015 and revised on 26 June 2017.

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