8 best 周星驰 retro movies to re-watch during the weekends

Many, many years ago, you couldn’t go wrong with a 周星驰 movie—despite how corny and silly the jokes were, they just make the whole family laugh out loud, as if his silliness contained some kind of magical touch that presses a laugh button.

It’s like Running Man in the 90s.

It’s now 2017, and with the Internet, 周星驰 seems to have been consigned to merely a part of our memory.

Fret not—you can still watch the movies in on-demand platforms or simply buy the DVDs.

Check out the best 周星驰 movies here and you will thank us for bringing you the laughter from the past.

A Chinese Odyssey

We’ll like to use the Mandarin title here, but most would recognize the English title instead. And also, we need no introduction about this classic. It’s two-part movie that has made the song “Only You” popular. Like, seriously.


If you’ve not watched this before, you’ve just lost part of your childhood. This is one movie that makes you laugh out loud and also realize how cool soccer can be.


Superhero movies were already the rage in the 1990s, and here’s one superhero that can change into anything he wants. It’s so silly, stupid and ridiculous that you’ll love it.


Quite a number of people would admit that this is the first 周星驰 movie they’ve come across. The storyline is so simple that you’ll have heard of it millions of times before: a cop becomes an undercover as a student, and…well, then you laugh at the silly things he did lah.


There’re so many movies with this theme, but no one did them as good as Chow Yun-fat and 周星驰. And of course, Andy Lau. Look at how young they used to be!


Just don’t watch this if you’re hungry, because you’ll become even hungrier. And don’t watch this and eat at the same time—you’ll choke on your food because you’ll be laughing too much.

國產凌 凌漆 (007)

If you think it’s a serious movie after watching the YouTube video, you’re…very wrong. We’re just showing you this because this it the only period that you won’t be laughing through the movie.

功夫 (Kung Fu Hustle)

Think of it as a sequel to Shaolin Soccer, yet not so much. Its overdramatic scenes are just worth whatever amount you pay to watch it.

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This article was first published on goodyfeed.com in 2015 and revised on 24 October 2017.

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Goody Feed Team

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