8 Best US TV Shows in Channel 5 During the 90s that We Still Remember Today

If you’re a 90s kid, Channel 5 used to be your best friend—from the occasional failures like VR Man to successes like Under One Roof, we used to tune in to the channel for some hidden gems when Channel 8 got more boring.

But do you also remember TV shows from the US that also kept us glued to the TV?

While nowadays, most youngsters only know (or watch) Channel 5 due to The Noose, we used to also look out for some great foreign hits that stay in our mind forever. Do you remember any of these TV shows?

Wheel of Fortune

It’s just amazing how far this show has come to–it’s not dead, and it even has an official YouTube channel. And most importantly, it’s still the same host! Back in the 90s, 6:00 p.m. was always reserved for this game show that, somehow, was entertaining even when every episode started and ended the same.

Days of Our Lives


It was, well, a drama that never ended. Whenever you tuned in to Channel 5, you would most likely see this drama again and again.


Sitcoms used to be hot, and the actors didn’t have to resort to exaggerated language to make people laugh. Those were the days when we laughed more often!



Everyone would be looking forward to Royal Rumble, and every kid would think that everything was real. It isn’t, is it?

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys


There’s a reason why every 90s kid associates Hercules with long blond hair and yellow sleeveless shirt, and this is the reason.

Desperate Housewives

In the past, it was already an achievement that this was aired on national TV. And it was funny–real funny.

Ally McBeal

I don’t know why people say that this TV series is made for females, because I watched every single episode. Oops.


Because as an adult, I still find the themes of this show relevant today. Well, in fact, even more relevant.

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