8 Nightmare Carousellers You’d Never Want to Meet in Your Entire Life

Cheap thrills – that’s the motto of every avid online shopper. And homegrown e-commerce platform Carousell gives us exactly that.

But no matter how much of a bargain you can get things on here, there are those who just want more.


And that was probably the motivation for Carouhell, a blog which documents the experiences of those who had the misfortune to cross paths with these nightmare Carousellers.

We picked 8 real-life Carousell transactions so ridiculous, you’d think we made them up.

But we didn’t.

1. The Lowballer

“Without that $9.90 you will die ah?”

 carouhell 2

2. What’s Carousell? I only know Tinder

“Can I have your number so I can date you? Hehehehe”

carouhell 3

3. The Good Samaritan

“Donating to charity.”

carouhell 4

4. The Homeless

“I cannot do postage because I have no house.”

 carouhell 5

5. The Fickle-Minded Buyer

“Really wanna know: what do you mean?”

carouhell 6

6. The Boyfriend Seller

He’s mine so can sell.

carouhell 7

7. The Xiao Mei Mei

“Sorry my mum found out and say I cannot buy”

carouhell 8

8. Not My Fault For Backing Out

“My wife bought me sweatpants last night”

carouhell 9

**All images from Carouhell Tumblr

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