8 reasons why a skinny girlfriend might not be the best girlfriend

When you want to get to know a girl, do you judge her by her appearance or her personality? In a world where skinny is the new beauty, will you be able to get together with a fat girl?

Read on to find out about the 8 reasons why a skinny girlfriend might not be the best girlfriend for you.

Please note that this is an entirely subjective article and is not meant to be a representation of all the women other there in the world. If you are self-righteous or easily annoyed, please click the ‘back’ button now.

She’s less comfortable to hug
When it comes to hugging, more better. If she’s skinny, chances are she’s just skin and bones which doesn’t make for a comfortable hug no matter which position you hug her from. If you want to feel cuddly with her in your arms, you yourself will have to grow some fats.

She diets…successfully
Girls always think they’re fat and this includes your skinny girlfriend. The reason why she can maintain her figure is because she takes extra care in what she eats, which means if you are looking for someone to pig out with, you’re better off with your best friend than her, because then you’ll feel so guilty for pigging out in front of her while she eats her salad daintily.

She cannot eat buffet with you
If you’re a fan of buffets, you’d be sorely disappointed if you bring her along to a buffet with you because she’s just going to waste your money. With the quantity she eats, you’d be better off ordering ala carte.

She shops like crazy
Okay, we’re not being stereotypical here but skinny girls tend to shop a lot more because they’re able to find clothes that fits them. This means you have to be prepared for long walks during window shopping sessions. Sometimes, you might even have to fork out cash for her shopping habits.

She has lots of admirers
One thing that all guys are afraid of is their girls getting snatched away by other men. If she’s skinny and gorgeous, you’ll always be living with the fear that she’s going to be taken away by some other guy who’s better than you.

You’ll spend more money
When courting skinny girls, they’d definitely receive plenty of gifts and treats, even from you. But the moment you get your dirty paws on her, it doesn’t mean you can stop spending. In fact, you might have to spend even more because if you don’t, some other guy is going to come along and steal her from right under your nose, or at least that’s what you’ll think.

She looks unhealthy
There’s the skinny girls, and there’s the skinny girls. If your girlfriend belongs to the latter, she’d look malnourished and generally unhealthy, so much so that when you go out with her, you’d always feel as though people are suspecting you for abuse.

You’d always feel self-conscious
Because she’s skinny, you’d feel self-conscious and not up to standards in terms of looks and other qualities so you’d go crazy and possessive, suspicious at every little thing which sours the entire relationship and results in an unhappy breakup.

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