8 Restaurant Deals for Big Groups So Your Class Gatherings Would Be Cheap & Good

Thinking about throwing a BBQ the next time you have a get-together? Don’t.

Save yourself the hassle of having to prep and cook on the grill and check out these awesome group dining deals from Fave by Groupon. We daresay your friends and relatives will be in owe of your superb hosting skills and flock to you for restaurant recommendations after.

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1. 9-Course Chilli Crab and Roast Duck Meal for 10 People @ Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant

Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant

The first on this list offers a steal for a 9-course meal. What you’re paying for: steamed live prawns in a bamboo basket, braised fish maw soup with abalone, roasted crispy canton whole duck, stir-fired clams in X.O. sauce, steamed Soon Hock Fish in Hi Ki Style, chilli crab, poached Chinese spinach with superior soup, special fried rice wrapped in lotus leaf and a traditional chilled almond tofu with longan dessert. Definitely giving you a bang for your buck!

Price: SGD238

Price (after cashback): SGD233.20 (for existing customers), SGD227.30 (for new customers)

2. 12-Course Seafood Meal for 10-12 People on Weekend and PH @ Pu Tien Chor Huat Seafood

Pu Tien Chor Huat Seafood

Planning to gather the folks on the weekend or public holiday? Make your family gathering a merry one at Pu Tien Chor Huat Seafood. The 12-course meal includes scrumptious Beijing style pork ribs, bamboo prawns, a choice of chilli crab or salted egg crab, crispy fried yam, kai lan fried tofu skin, crab meat fish maw soup, seafood combination, sweet & sour grouper fish, bitter gourd fried lala, cai po tofu and mouthwatering prawn paste chicken.

Price: SGD248

Price (after cashback): SGD243 (for existing customers), SGD236.80 (for new customers)

3. Falafel Family Party Set for 10-15 People @ Pita Bakery

Pita Bakery

In need of a Vegan-friendly/Halal spot? Enjoy a generous serving of falafel at Pita Bakery. For the uninitiated, falafel is a Middle Eastern snack that consists of ground chickpeas, fave beans, or both and are ground into a deep fried ball, doughnut, or patty. The snack is typically eaten with pita bread which acts as pocket to store the ingredients. The family party set includes 500g falafel, 300g hummus, ten pita (and you get to choose from either premium white pita or wholemeal pita, 300g harissa, 500g tahini spread and one falafel scoop maker.

Price: SGD45

Price (after cashback): SGD44.10 (for existing customers), SGD43 (for new customers)

4. 9-Course Meal with Sauteed Chardonnay Crabs for 6 People @ Mouth Restaurant

Mouth Restaurant

One of the more conveniently located restaurants on this list, Mouth Restaurant is conveniently located near China Square. Indulge in traditional delectable Hong Kong-style cuisine such as sautéed Chardonnay crabs, Thai mango sakura chicken, salted fish and chicken claypot rice.

Price: SGD188

Price (after cashback): SGD184.20 (for existing customers), SGD179.50 (for new customers)

5. Large Pork Budae Jigae for 2-3 People @ DaeJon House

DaeJon House

Don’t be boring and head to yet another BBQ spot the next time you have a group outing. And with these awesome group dining deals on Fave, you don’t have to worry too much about blowing a giant hole in your pocket!

*All images from myfave.com

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