8 Street Foods in the JB Monday KSL Pasar Malam That Are Worth the 3-Hour Jam

If you frequent Malaysia regularly, you would know that there is a night market that opens every Monday that is located just opposite KSL Shopping Mall in Johor Bahru. If you didn’t know, well, you can thank us later.

Here at this night market, you can feast on some of the most interesting street food finds that are so delicious and affordable that you wish you had the tummy space to devour them all.

We understand your pain, and have therefore narrowed them down to the 8 food items you should try while you are there to save your calories!

BBQ Squids

Image: ladyironchef.com

One food item that you should not miss at the night market would be their BBQ Squids, priced affordably at only RM8 per stick which translates to around S$2.60! They are coated with savoury BBQ sauce and you can also opt for their special chilli sauce that is not for the faint-hearted!

Apom Balik

Image: commons.wikimedia.org

Apom Balik is a Malay snack made with sticky rice flour pancakes, with peanut shavings and sweetened corn sandwiched in between. It costs only RM1 for two pieces!

Fried Carrot Cake

Image: YourSingapore

The sight of the old uncle pan-frying the humongous wok of fried carrot cake will sure send your taste buds tingling with excitement, and I suggest you go forth with your senses and order up a plate. Here in Malaysia, they even add bean sprouts to the dish!

Mua Chee

Image: ladyironchef.com

These addictive Mua Chee will be unlike any Mua Chee you have ever tried in Singapore – with melt-in-your-mouth textures that will bring you a satisfaction like no other.

Penang Assam Laksa

Image: Facebook (D ‘ Laksa)

A whiff of the Hae Koh used in the Penang Assam Laksa would force you to stop in your tracks and succumb to this bowl of piping hot goodness. This is definitely something not to be missed when you are in Malaysia.

Traditional Kueh

Image: hungrygowhere.com

When you are at the night market, you will be greeted by stalls displaying various portions of traditional kuehs for you to bag them home. The stall vendors take pride in making their kuehs from scratch using the most traditional methods to retain its intended flavours.

Smelly Tofu


Even though the smell of Smelly Tofu would send someone scrambling far and wide, fans of this dish would be heartened to know that they serve one of the most authentic Smelly Tofus that I have ever tried. Go on and try it! Besides, it only cost RM5 a packet!

Chee Cheong Fun

Image: rasamalaysia.com

The Chee Cheong Fun at the KSL night market is prepared differently and also exudes a more springy texture than the ones in Singapore. You can also opt for various toppings such as fish balls and  fish cakes or choose from 3 types of sauces – curry, red sauce and black sweet sauce.

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Cassandra Tan

Cassandra Tan

Cassandra is a professional glutton and a lifestyle blogger who is always chasing the latest food trends in town. She documents her gastronomical adventures on her blog (www.cforcassan.com) and on her Instagram page (@cforcassan)
Cassandra Tan