9-Year-Old Girl Got First-Degree Burns By Hot Water During Shower At CherryLoft Resort

I won’t forget incidents that involve burns.

Recalling that fateful day when my sister reached up to the table for a cup of water not knowing that it was a cup of hot beverage mum just made.

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It poured onto her face, and parts of her body. The high-pitched, screeching, piercing cry is still vividly etched in my mind.

Thank God she recovered from the burns and all is well.

I apologize for the short recount above. Back to business.

What happened?

As the title suggests, a 9-year-old girl was scalded by hot water after shower head was displaced at CherryLoft Resorts on 5 September. Yes, in Singapore.

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I can already imagine the flood of negative comments on Cherryloft Resorts’ social media pages.

So she was taking a shower but the shower head came loose and disconnected from the shower head. Before she knew, hot water gushed out of the hose and onto her chest.

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Her parents quickly rushed her to the nearest 24-hour clinic. But the doctor’s diagnosis wasn’t too good.

The poor girl had suffered first-degree to second-degree burns and the parents were advised to take special care of her in the next two weeks to prevent an infection.

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The Aftermath

After the unpleasant incident, Ms Teo, the mother of the child went back to the resort and demanded an explanation.

I think if I were the staff, I would have hurriedly apologized. Regardless if it was my fault as the incident did happen in the boundaries of the resort. But no…

According to Ms Teo, a manager of the resort told them that “the resort was unable to verify if someone had tampered with the shower head beforehand. If there is, they could not be blamed for the incident.”

What do you mean by “they could not be blamed”? Is it really the time for blame shifting?

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But anyhow, the resort offered a ‘better ‘room and even gave their word to do a thorough safety check.

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The family took up the offer. Which was rather surprising to me.

So they checked into the new room at about 8 pm that same day and found that the room was nearly identical to their last, with the exception of the shower, which was of a different design. Hmm.

The family then checked out of the resort the next morning on 6 September though they had initially planned to stay for six nights.

CherryLoft’s Reply

As reported, when Shin Min Daily News tried reaching the resort staff for a statement on the incident, they told reporters that “the management offered to do a change of room for the family but the family checked out the next day.”

Dear CherryLoft, I think the issue is not really about offering a change of room and sweeping the entire incident under the carpet.

We’re not talking about something minor here. It’s a first-degree burn for goodness sake.

There should be a proper follow-up to this issue.

And for those who asked why the family still have the mood to change rooms, think about it.

They still got to shower and stay for at least a night, right?

Would you stay in a room where the shower had burned your daughter? Or would you want somewhere safer?

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