Bride so Obsessed With Gaming, She Has to be Dragged to Her Wedding

Some guys’ dream girl is a gamer, but if you’ve got a gamer girlfriend who has to be dragged into the wedding ceremony because she’s gaming, you might want to reconsider.

A video of a bride being dragged to her wedding has been reported in the Mirror. According to the video, the bride was wearing a white wedding dress, and furiously tapping on her keyboard.

The groom and his parents were seen shouting at her, telling her that the ceremony was due to start soon. The bride kept on asking them to wait, and continued typing on the keyboard.

The report suggested that the game she was playing is League of Legends, and she was then in a midst of a tense battle.


Okay, this is one heck of a game addict, but there’re just some things that might not seem right.

Firstly, the way the bride played the game: why is she playing it like she’s writing an essay that’s due to be submitted within the next five minutes? The last I know, the mouse is the key device that she should be using. In fact, I’ve not come across any game that uses a keyboard for gameplay.

Secondly, she was in an Internet Café. How the heck did she end up in an Internet Café in the midst of her wedding? Did she just decide to enter the café while on the way to the toilet?

Thirdly, would someone really be so addicted to a game? If she is, she won’t even have changed into her outfit; she would have spent the entire day gaming.

Fourthly, why would they need to resort to dragging her out of the Internet café? They could have just unplugged the power point or simply turn off the CPU. Why risk dirtying the wedding dress?

Fifthly…why would people know it’s League of Legends? #justsaying

But whether it’s staged or not, it’s one heck of a lesson to all gamers out there: don’t get so addicted to video games. You might just be next.

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