Car Parks with the Lowest Fees in Orchard (Updated for 2018)

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Parking fees in the busy Orchard shopping district of Singapore can cost a bomb, especially if you plan on going for a whole day of shopping. With so many malls, hotels and carparks in the area, it is difficult to know which has the best parking rates. With our recommended list of cheap parking in Orchard, put your mind at ease and enjoy some retail therapy!

**Read on till the end to find out the parking lots to AVOID when you’re in Orchard! Featuring an S$7 an hour parking rate, and many other S$5 and upwards parking lots.

Cheapest parking in Orchard

Parking at Orchard

If you are planning on shopping around the Orchard area (Ion Orchard, Wheelock Place, Isetan etc.), some cheap parking would include Far East Plaza, Lucky Plaza and Ion Orchard.

Far East Plaza Parking Rates:

Far East Plaza Parking
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 Mon – Fri, Sat:
8 am – 5 pm: $1.07/ first hour$1.07/ subsequent ½ hour
After 5 pm: $3.53 per entry

From 8 am: $3.53 per entry 

Lucky Plaza Parking Rates:

lucky plaza parking
Image Credit:

Mon – Fri, Sat:
7 am – 4.59 pm: $1.93/ first hour$1.28 / subsequent ½ hour
After 5 pm: $3.38 per entry

7 am – 9.59 pm: $1.93 / first hour$1.28 / subsequent ½ hou

Ion Orchard Parking Rates:

ion orchard
Image Credit:

Mon – Thur:
8 am – 4.59 pm: $2.67/ first hour$1.28 / subsequent ½ hour
After 5 pm: $3 per entry
12 am – 7.59 am: $1.07 / hour

Note that these rates only apply from Monday to Thursday.

Fri – Sun:
8 am – 4.59 pm: $2.56/ first hour$1.88/ subsequent ½ hour
5 pm- 11.59 pm: $3.74 per entry
12 am – 7.59 am: $1.07/ hour

On weekdays between 8 am and 5 pm, we recommend parking at Far East Plaza and walking to your destination.

On weekdays AFTER 5 pm, however, a cheaper and more convenient option would be to park at Ion Orchard Carparkitself! Compared to both Far East and Lucky Plaza, Ion’s parking of $3/entry is the cheapest out of the 3!

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On weekends, if you are planning on a quick stop to run errands, we recommend parking at Lucky Plaza; but if you intend on spending an entire day shopping, we recommend parking at Far East Plaza.

Parking at Somerset

If you plan to do your shopping around Somerset ([email protected], Orchard Central, Cathay Cineleisure etc.), parking at Far East or Lucky Plaza might prove to be a little too far. Luckily, there are also cheaper parking alternatives in Somerset!

We recommend parking your cars at Centrepoint Shopping Centre. 

Centrepoint Parking Rates:

The Centrepoint Orchard Parking
Image Credit:

Mon – Sat:
7 am – 5 pm: $1.50/ first hour$1/ subsequent ½ hour
After 5pm: $1.50 / first hour$1 / subsequent hour

7 am – 7 am: $1.50/ first hour$1 / subsequent hour

Another alternative (slightly more expensive but still affordable!) would be to park your cars at Orchard Central. 

Orchard Central Parking Rates:

orchard central parking
Image Credit:

Mon – Sat:
2 am – 6 pm: $2.14/ first hour$1.07 / subsequent ½ hour
After 6 pm: $4.82 / first 3 hours$1.61 / subsequent ½ hour

2 am – 2 am: $4.81 / first 3 hours$1.61/ subsequent ½ hour

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313 somerset Parking

Image credit: 

Mon – Sat:
7 am – 6 pm: $2.14/ first hour$1.07 /subsequent ½ hour
After 6 pm: $4.82 / first 3 hours$1.61 /subsequent ½ hour

7 am – 7 am: $4.82 / first 3 hours$1.61 / subsequent ½ hour

Cathay Cineleisure Orchard:

cathay cineleisure parking
Image credit:

Mon – Fri:
7 am – 6 pm: $2.40 / first hour$1.40 / subsequent ½ hour
After 6 pm: $4.50 / first 3 hours$1.60 / subsequent ½ hour

Sat – Sun:
7 am – 7 am: $4.50 / first 3 hours$1.60 / subsequent ½ hour

Ngee Ann City:

ngee ann city parking
Image credit:

Mon – Fri:
12.01 am – 12 pm, 2.01 pm – 5 pm: $1.28 / ½ hour
12.01 pm – 2 pm: $1.82 / ½ hour

Sat – Sun:
12.01 am – 12 pm, 2.01 pm – 5 pm: $2.57 / first hour$1.61 / subsequent ½ hour
12. 01 pm – 2pm, 5.01 pm – 7 pm: $3.64 / first hour$2.14 / subsequent ½ hour
After 7 pm: $4.28 per entry

The Heeren:

the heeren Parking
Image credit:

Mon – Fri:
8 am – 11 pm: $1.61 / ½ hour

Sat – Sun:
8 am -11 pm: $5.35 / first 3 hours$1.61 / subsequent ½ hour

Wheelock Place:

wheelock place parking
Image credit:

Mon – Sun:
8 am – 6 pm: $3 / first hour$1.50 / subsequent ½ hour
After 6 pm: $4.50 per entry

More Costly Options

Orchard is not only home to fancy shopping malls, it is also home to classy, 5-star hotels. If you plan on visiting some of these hotels, whether it’s for wedding dinners or business meetings, here are some of their parking rates:

Concorde Hotel:

concorde hotel parking
Image credit:

Mon – Sat:
7 am – 6 pm: $2.14 / first hour$1.39 / subsequent ½ hour
After 6 pm: $3.75 per entry

7 am – 7 am: $3.75 per entry

Goodwood Park Hotel:

goodwood park hotel parking
Image credit:

Mon – Sat:
8 am – 6 pm: $5 / first hour$2.50 /subsequent ½ hour

8 am – 8 am: $6 / entry

Hilton Hotel:

hilton singapore parking
Image credit:

Mon – Sat:
8 am – 6 pm: $7 / first hour$3.50 / subsequent ½ hour
After 6 pm: $7 per entry

7 am – 7 am: $7 per entry

Finding the best spot to park in Orchard

Parking in Orchard may seem like an expensive affair but it’s actually quite affordable if you know where to look (or if you don’t mind taking a little walk to your destination). Use this list to find your cheap parking in Orchard and make your shopping spree a great one.

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