Characters Eating Roti Prata & Chicken Rice in Final Fantasy XV Wowed SG & MY Fans

Anyone who has played any Final Fantasy, be it the 8-bit Final Fantasy from NES or Final Fantasy XIV on PC would know that the setting in the franchise is so fictional, swords are as high as a human and hair could defy gravity.

Just take a look at Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII and you get the idea.

Image: Wikipedia
Image: Wikipedia

So you can imagine Singaporeans’ and Malaysians’ responses when they see this in Final Fantasy XV, the latest game in the series.

Here’s the thing: next time, if anyone says that prata isn’t healthy, just tell them that it’ll increase your attack by 120, magic by 100 and most importantly, increases maximum HP by 200.

Oh, and it’s not just prata. How about a plate of chicken rice, fondly atas-ed to Peppery Daggerquill Rice?

Here’s why you see these familiar foods in a major game franchise: the lead designer is Malaysian Wan Hazmer.

And the reason for incorporating our food (ok, ok, we Singaporeans and Malaysians share same culture, so same same lah, ok?) is simply this: he wants the world to experience Malaysia, and if the world doesn’t want to come to Malaysia to experience it, they can experience it in the game.

Well, maybe a gamer from other countries won’t even notice the weird-looking flatbread, but it sure made Singaporeans and Malaysians go hungry apeshit.

At least for me.

Featured Image: Facebook (Kevin Wong)

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