Don’t Say Bojio: You Can Now Dabao Seoul Garden Bento Sets ‘Coz Why Not?

Part of the communal dining culture, Seoul Garden was the place to go if you wanted to savour grilled meats and steamboat, before the Mookata and Korean BBQ wave.

Image: Seoul Garden Facebook

It is still going strong with their wide variety of ready-to-eat dishes like Tteokbokki and their mouth-watering cheese dip—not forgetting they also cater to the Muslim customers.

But guess what they’re coming up with next?

Now, they have their very own bento boxes—buffet in a box. Perfect on a weekday (where you only have an hour for lunch) and you’re craving for grilled meat during lunch.

Image: Seoul Garden Facebook

Their bento sets are for takeaway and delivery only.

You can expect dishes like Beef Bulgogi ($17), BBQ Lamb Bulgogi ($18.10), Squid Japchae ($15.90), Kimchi Panfried Fish($17) and more.


All their sets include Tteobokki, Seafood Mandu (dumpling), Kimchi, Takuan (pickled daikon radish), Mochi, Korean Chili Sauce and Namul (edible leaves) of the day.

If you still have room for more, you can also order their sides—chicken wings, spring roll, Kimchi Gimbap and more!

Image: Seoul Garden Facebook

With so many options, no more sad lunches at work desk!

Or to be exact, not so much sad lunches lah. Who can eat $17 lunch every day?

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