Don’t Say Bojio: Tigerair’s Final 24-Hr Flash Sale Feat. All-In Fares Starting From $34 (13-14 Jul)

It’s already July and it’s time to start planning for the December holidays. And it’s important because the holiday might just be what you need to pull through the rest of the work year.

So we, being your BFF (can we? Be your BFF, we mean?) decided to start digging around the net for cheap travel deals.

And honestly, all-in fares? The only thing that can trump this is all-in RETURN fares.

Check out what Tigerair is offering for their LAST 24-hour flash sale because they’re merging with Scoot.

Tigerair’s Final 24-Hour Flash Sale Feat. All-In Fares From $34 To Over 40 Destinations

From 13-14 July 2017 (8 am to 7:59 am), Tigerair is offering you all-in fares starting from $34 to over 40 different destinations!

What do you think about travelling to the sunny island of Phuket for $45? Not the type to lepat? Never mind, how about Bangkok for $49 then?

Too near? Okay, Taipei for $99. And guess what? There’s more!

Fares indicated are one-way and includes the price of air ticket and associated taxes.

What are you waiting for? Time to plan your itinerary liao!

Check out the full list of destinations below:


Found any destination to your liking? Click here to book your tickets today!

On a separate note, Tigerair will cease to exist as they will be merging with Scoot.

One minute of silence, please. #YouWillBeMissed

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