Everything you need to know about Boxing Day in 60 sec

Some of us might be confused about the existence on Boxing Day and think of it as something like Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Otherwise, they might think that it’s the day to unwrap their Christmas giftboxes (that’s on Christmas Day!).

Surprisingly (or maybe not), it’s not about boxing other people or collecting boxes.

Here’re the facts about this day that you probably should know so that you can impress your friends in the coffeeshop.

What is Boxing Day?

Pretty sure this comes to your mind when you think of Boxing Day:

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Or maybe this:

(Basically it’s a video of someone unboxing a phone)

You’re so wrong, my Internet friend.

Boxing Day has nothing to do with you – unless you’re a postman, that is. It originated as a day to gift “post-men, errand-boys, and servants of various kinds” for all the hard work they’ve done.

To put it simply, it’s for that Ninja Van guy or that SingPost guy who has been working so hard to ensure that you receive your parcels on time (or at least…receive it).

The idea is that they’ll receive a gift “box” on the next weekday after Christmas.

Guess what? Given the influx of delivery personnel due to online shopping, this day has somehow become more apt #justsaying

It’s not always on 26th December.
It is a traditional holiday celebrated on the weekday right after Christmas Day. This year (2017), Christmas falls on Monday, so Boxing Day is on 26 Dec (Tuesday). However, should it falls on a Saturday, Boxing Day would be on Monday instead: two days after Christmas.

Some countries treat it as a public holiday but unfortunately, Singapore is not one of those countries.

In Ireland, Boxing Day is known as “St Stephen’s Day”.
St Stephen was the first Christian to die for his faith by being stoned to death shortly after Jesus’s crucifixion. There was an Irish tradition that killing a wren (a kind of bird) is unlucky unless it’s on Boxing Day, so boys used to go out and stone wrens to death on Boxing Day. Of course, this macabre tradition has stopped.

Boxing Day sales
Although banks and governmental institutions are usually closed (in other countries, that is), shops open their doors for customers and take advantage of the day to offer huge discounts. It’s probably the biggest sale of the year, after Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

In Singapore? It’s yet another working day.

But now that you know, maybe you should gift the delivery person who delivered your parcels on Boxing Day something. I’m pretty sure they themselves didn’t know there’s a day to thank them for their service!

(Now I’m wondering whether there’s a day to thank writers like us)

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This article was first published on goodyfeed.com in 2015 and revised on 21 December 2017.

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