Experts Suggest These Ways to Use Public Toilet ‘Coz Some Users Are Really Disgusting

As a country, we’re blessed with being one of the cleanest around. Well, it does take some reinforcement at time, but the fruits of it can definitely be seen. Clean roads and decent toilets are surely part of the rewards.

But in all honesty, would you simply sit on a public toilet seat, or do you have thoughts of how germ-free it really is?

Some experts have chimed in on the topic, and they say that applying this techniques will help you protect yourself and your body from germs.

Coz there are a bunch of people out there who are pretty dang disgusting in the loo.

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The Shocker – It’s Not the Toilet You Should Be Worried About

According to one Professor Chuck Gerba, the real worry is the floor’s surface. When you flush, it tends to send some droplets flying, which will then settle to any surface that at a 6-feet distance from the flush itself.

These are the drops that could carry a series of bacteria from faeces, including the likes of salmonella, E.coli, shigella or even norovirus.

So, if you see a toilet lid, always close it before you flush. Some public toilets don’t have covers, which basically mean that things like the purse shelf, toilet handle and even toilet paper dispenser have been in contact with germs. Ew…

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So, Here’s How You Can Protect Yourself

Be cautious about flushing. If you notice someone stepping out of a toilet’s stall, keep away as germs from their flush mid be floating in the air still. As for yourself, make sure you’re fully dressed up again when you’ve done your “job” and be prepared to step out before you flush away.

Here’s another handy tip. You might be someone who hovers, which means that you don’t fully utilize the toilet seat. Pad it with toilet paper if you wish before doing your thing, but sit down nonetheless. It helps keep things cleaner and improves environmental hygiene on the whole.

And for the love of everything that’s hygienically clean, never EVER keep your things on the floor – not even for a second.

As soon as your stuff hits the surface, it’s exposed to bacteria and becomes a carrier too. This will spread the germs on to the next place you lay it down. Think of it as a ripple effect.

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Use paper towels for everything – one to turn the tap on, and when you’re done washing your hands thoroughly with H20, get another paper towel to turn the tap off and dry your hands.

Dispose the paper towel only when you’re done using it to exit the toilet area by holding the door knob or handle with it.

The bottom line is this – it might seem like a lot to take in, but you don’t want to fall sick and deal with doctor bills later. It’s ultimately about taking care of your health, and hygiene plays a major role in it!

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