Here’s Why You Always Feel So Damn Hungry After Swimming

Swimming is such a fun thing to do. You work out your body without putting much stress on your muscles, as the water supports your body weight. It relaxes your mind and helps you regain your focus on things.

It’s the perfect sport for almost every age.

But why the hell do we always feel like reaching for a McSpicy every single time we step out of the pool? It’s as if we hadn’t eaten for days. There has to be a snack within 5 minutes away, or you’ll change into Hulk!

This is why.

The Pool’s Water Temperature

The cool water from the swimming pool takes away the heat from your body. This would, in turn, makes the blood vessels that are just under your skin contract. According to scientists, this stops the release of appetite-suppressing hormones while you exercise, and even after a swim.

Another Fun Fact

The colder the water you dive into for a swim, the more calories you burn. In fact, it’s 44% more.

Walk to Control the Hunger Pangs

Yes, news flash. There’s no need to go all berserk on food when you’re out of the pool. Instead, take a brisk walk for about 15-minutes right away. This will help your body to gain heat once again, and all those hormones that are supposed to work will come back alive and kicking!

If You Still Want to Eat

There are a few ways to handle the hunger. First, make sure you have a healthy snack prepared before you go for a swim. Your meal should ideally contain a fair share of protein and some healthy fats to fill you up. Pack a meal of something like a tuna sandwich, an apple and a bottle of water or juice.

The easiest way to sneak healthy fats into this mix is with a small pack of nuts. Keep it simple and with as little calories as possible. You don’t want to start layering the fats on your body again right after such an intense swim now, do you?

Stay away from Snickers bars and fast food, as it’s not good to load yourself up with sugar and heavy carbs right after a workout.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

You will also feel pretty thirsty once you’re out. Keep a fairly big bottle of water around that you can chug at. This will kill off any last bits of food cravings you have.

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Annette Anthony

Annette Anthony

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