Here’s A Simple Test You Can Do Easily To Check How Bad You’re Sleep Deprived

You find yourself tired all the time. You can’t stop yawning, and you feel like dozing off all the time.

Singapore is ranked as the third most sleep-deprived country out of 43 countries, with our people averaging 6 hours and 32 minutes of sleep per night.

So how bad is your sleep deprivation? Do this simple test at home to check it out!

The Sleep Test

Here’s what you need: a metal tray, a spoon and a watch.

Place the metal tray on the right side of your bed and clutch the metal spoon in your right hand. 

Rest your hand so the spoon is just above the tray and close your eyes.

The moment you doze off, the spoon will slip from your hand and hit the tray, creating a sudden loud noise which will wake you up.

Look at your watch and see how much time has passed.

If you dozed off within 5 minutes, it means that you’re severely sleep deprived and you got to re-look at your sleeping habits.

If you dozed off within 10 minutes, great news! You’re part of the largest group and is only suffering from moderate sleep deprivation.

Still not so bad, but can be better.

However, if you fall asleep after 15 minutes, it means you’re not sleep deprived at all!

Called the Sleep Onset Latency Test, this is best taken in the afternoon. 

Watch the video below to see how it’s done:

Sleep deprivation can lead to higher chance of getting health problems like high blood pressure, heart disease or even a stroke

And on a separate note, sleep deprivation also lead to poor performance at work, which hits you where it hurts the most – your wallet.

No performance, no promotion and less increment. 


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