If You Love Astons, Then You’ll Love These Astons Outlets with FREE-FLOW Sides

Okay, if you’re a die-hard Aston fan, then you probably know about this long ago and think that I’m a mountain turtle. But if you’re like me who just has Aston once in a while and love the sides, then this is going to make you go, “Let’s go there this weekend!”.

Now, here’s what it is: basically, for a premium price, you just need to select one side: either fries or potato. And with that, you’ll be entitled to other unlimited sides.

Yes, unlimited. That means free-flow.

The free-flow sides, technically known as the Supreme Salad Buffet, aren’t just about salad: there’s an extensive selection of greens for people who want to customize their salad, and there’re also various other sides that have become some of our favourites: from onion rings to their popular tasty rice.

Image: kumory.blogspot.com

I won’t need to introduce the sides to you: if you’ve been to Aston (which you should have been to before), you’ll know why it’s so highly sought after. However, they do not just provide the sides you’re familiar with—adding on to the selection are a few new items like ice-cream, fruits and my favourite: three different types of soup.


Drinks are also included in the buffet, so you won’t need to fork out additional cash for your meal.

But of course, you can’t expect the same price here: a Chargill Chicken in a typical Aston restaurant is at $9.90 (with two sides and without a drink), while the same Chargill Chicken is at $22.90. Remember, though, this is with a drink (or many drinks if you’re thirsty AF).

If you intend to just have the Supreme Salad Buffet instead, that’ll set you back by $19.90. But, seriously?


Here’s the full menu #youarewelcome:

Image: astons.com.sg

Anyway, I may be late to this, but it’s always better to be late than never, eh?

The two outlets are in Centrepoint (#03-28/28A) and Marina Square (#03-145/146), and both are open from 11:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.


Here’s the golden question: is there going to be a long queue? Well, the last I was there in the Centrepoint outlet (which is about two weeks ago), it was a Saturday evening and I didn’t even need to wait.

Just one advice: don’t gong gong makan all the sides first as you wait for your main dish. You might just be full from the sides. #truestory

So don’t say bojio hor.


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