This Ingenious Device Lets You Charge Your Smartphone by Shaking It

In our modern society, having phones and devices run out of battery can be the worst thing ever. We will need to spend time looking for a socket or a portable charger.

Even if you have a portable charger, you cannot ensure that your charger is charged. But not Handenergy.

What is HandEnergy?

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Like its name implies, it is a Kickstarter project that promises to allow you to charge your smartphone by…hand. That’s right, nothing but some physical labour on your part. 

To charge your device, simply plug HandEnergy to your phone. Rotate with your wrist to keep the rotor spinning and charge your device. It’s as simple as that!

The magnetic rotor transmits mechanical power to the stator and produces an electric current, charging the built-in batteries which can then be used to charge your devices.

It’s pretty lightweight too

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It doesn’t hurt that it’s lightweight as well. 

Height: 70.7mm
Width: 72.8mm
Weight: 380g
USB Output:5V 1A
Battery Capacity: 1000 mAh
Rotor average speed: 5000 RPM
Bluetooth module to connect to an app
Battery level indicator

And it’s not just limited to smartphones

It can be used to charge almost anything you can think of! Smartphones, flashlights, action cameras, tablets, smartwatches, speakers, etc. 

How it works

HandEnergy has the same current as when you charge devices from the socket. However, to charge using HandEnergy is slower as you’ll take a longer time generating the electrical current. 

HandEnergy simply charges through the rotation of your wrist and energy is stored in the device. This is even more convenient that portable chargers as portable chargers need to be charged as well. 

It can be used anytime, when you are outdoors, travelling and even when there is no light.

An app has also been created to work hand in hand with HandEnergy. The app allows you to track your electricity generation and share it with your friends. By using the app, you can compete with others to see how much electricity they have generated. 

There is a wide range of colours, designs and limited editions as well. You will be able to find a HandEnergy that fits your taste.

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