Limited Tickets: All-In Fares to Hong Kong from S$199 with Your DBS/POSB Card!

Imagine this: This June holidays, you’ll spend two nights partying in Lan Kwai Fong, rub shoulders with Iron Man in Disneyland and shop-till-you-drop in Temple Street Night Market. Sounds good? Then you’re in luck.

As long as you’ve a DBS/POSB credit or debit card (who doesn’t?), you’ll get to purchase all-in fares to Hong Kong at a ridiculously low price from $199—and do note that it’s during the June holidays!

Whoever says that going overseas during peak period would cost an arm and a leg?

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According to a Her World Plus article, Hong Kong is one of the top cities that Singaporeans love to go, ranked at third place. That’s not really surprising: with us being exposed to Hong Kong dramas and movies since young, and with Hong Kong having a culture that is relatively similar to ours, resisting a trip there (especially when the price is right!) isn’t easy.

With a list of attractions catered for both adults and children, the vibrant city is one of the best vacation spots for families. 

If one of your Bucket List items is to visit Disneyland, here’s where you can fulfil your goal without having to sell your house and have Maggie Mee for weeks. Over at this iconic attraction, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the wonderful company of familiar Disney characters and the latest ones from Star Wars!

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And oh, go during the June holidays and you’ll get to meet Iron Man as well, with the new Iron Man Experience. You can even “visit” Hong Kong Stark Tower. Disneyland has never been so action-packed, eh?

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But of course, Hong Kong isn’t just about Disneyland. If you’re as old as me, you’ll remember the TV commercial by Hong Kong Tourism Board with the catchy tagline, “买东西, 吃东西.”

If you miss pasar malam in Singapore (let’s face it: they’re endangered), you’ll be thrilled when you step into Temple Street Night Market. It takes “买东西, 吃东西” to a whole new level—as the busiest flea market in Hong Kong, you can find almost anything there, and most importantly,  the street foods sold around the area are to die for. Trust me, you’ll see dim sum in a different light once you’ve tried the authentic Hong Kong ones.

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And before you make your way back to Singapore, why not visit an iconic place that you’ve seen countless times in movies? Located in Po Lin Monastery, the Big Buddha took twelve years to be built, and is one of the key attractions in Hong Kong. Standing at a majestic height of 34 metres, it’s the best spot for that perfect wefie!

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If you’re already itching to get on a plane, here’s how the deal from MISA Travel works: basically, you choose the dates you intend to go, purchase the tickets online via your DBS / POSB card and Voila!—you can then prepare your selfie stick for the trip.

Do note that the tickets are limited (ar bo then, so affordable, you think got a lot?!), so it’s best to just book first and think later. After all, Disneyland,  买东西, 吃东西 and Big Buddha—what can go wrong?

Don’t wait liao: click here to book your tickets now!

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This article was first published on and is written in collaboration with DBS Bank.


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