Little Girl Gets Confused Over Game Boy ‘Coz There’s no Touchscreen

Times sure have changed.

Back then, we were all little tots, playing with sand or paint, and getting our parents all worked up.

Now we have little tots playing with smartphones and gadgets, and getting their parents all worked up.

(Well, at least some things stay the same. ;))

But one thing is for certain: we have aged. Especially for those born in the mid 90s.

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And if you refuse to accept it, I have the perfect example for you.

Remember the old Game Boy / Game Boy Color?

Image: eBay

Yeah, way back in the old days. I remember playing Pokemon Crystal on it. Oh, the nostalgia.

Anyway, Youtube user Chris Cohoon decided to let his young daughter play with it.

The result was…

Well, I will let you check it out for yourself.

Apparently, this adorable little girl thought that the Game Boy worked just like her papa’s iPhone: touchscreen-style.

Well you’re WRONG, little girl. Hah. Take that! Keep mashing that screen until you realise what the buttons are for. Muahahaha.

Sometimes I wonder whether I’m sick in the head.

Nostalgia overload

Chris Cohoon posted the video on 24 September 2017. On 25 September 2017, it had garnered over 900K views and 15K likes.

Image: Chris Cohoon Youtube

With every viral video, comes viral comments. Here are some that struck a chord with me, whether emotional or plain sarcastic.

Note: the emotional ones had me questioning whether they were truly missing their Game Boy, or whether they were lying on their deathbeds.

Such is the power of Nostalgia.

And then there were the more snarky ones.

Last but not least, the comment we have all been waiting for someone to say.


Accept it, people. We have aged.

We are either blasting through our final years of education right now, or working through heaps and heaps of paperwork in the office.

Gone are the days when we could play with toys and let our parents earn the dough.

You know, I used to think, “It would be great to be older. I can do so much more stuff!”

But now that I’ve aged, I find myself wondering, “I don’t mind being a child again. There’s no stress whatsoever.”

It looks like they were right; the grass is always greener on the other side.

And that’s actually a pretty valuable lesson to take.

For the younger generation, it’s time to buck up, alright? Whether we retire in peace is entirely up to you guys. You will be the ones building the future.

So for goodness sake, use those buttons.

They are there for a reason.


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