Microsoft Paint Isn’t Dying Off Like the Nasi Lemak Burger. It Just Has a Phoenix Down

There’s been a very sad and vibrant buzz about Microsoft Paint. If you’ve noticed last week, A LOT of people were upset over the fact that Paint was going to get scrapped.

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It was all a part of Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 10 update, which would bring in a great deal of new features, but sadly put Microsoft Paint on the chopping block.

Give me a minute while I cry in the corner and come back.

Microsoft Paint has been around since 1985 (wahlauwei, way before you and I were born!). It was an integral part to Windows. Paint could only, however, be saved in JPEG format when Windows 98 was launched.

According to Microsoft, the application was on the list of features to be deprecated (in other words, removed) in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update list.

Now that’s just plain old sad.

Deprecated items are ones that are not actively being developed. It’s now only a matter of time before your favourite computer icon is removed from your computer. It will, however, always stay as a memory.

Or will it?

Because there’s just been a breaking news that came in.

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Microsoft Paint Gets to Live in a Different Way

Like we mentioned, fans have been sobbing online. There’s been tweets, Facebook posts to Instagram pictures stating how much they’d miss the function, and really, REALLY want Paint to stay.

So Microsoft listened.

They made an announcement saying that while Microsoft Paint won’t be available on Windows 10’s update, it can, however, be downloaded for free through the Windows Store.

Ok, I need to go do a silly, happy dance for now. Join me!

The app still had a solid following of more than 100 million users.

Paint 3D is going to be the gamechanger in the current and future Window versions. Microsoft did show off its spinoff app to the public last October. In the release, Microsoft mentioned that most of MS Paint’s primary functions had been incorporated into Paint 3D.

I wonder how Paint 3D is going to be like. Don’t you?

Whatever it is, Paint might not have been the greatest buddy, but whenever anyone needed to scribble something out with a mouse or even do a quickie cut-and-paste job, MS Paint has always been there.

Other apps that have been removed include Outlook Express, Reading List and the Reader app. It’s just like having your favourite chair thrown away because it’s too old and no one really uses it much anymore.

Image: Fox 8

One thing’s for certain, though, Microsoft Paint is possibly one of the longest apps to ever withstand the test of time.

I mean, take a look at its age. Microsoft Paint is, what, 32 years and going now?

Kudos, and here’s to seeing you on the Windows Store. We all look forward to more doodles, stamp and trail modes on your trustee white page.

Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you go. Never.

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