New Study Shows S’pore Fresh Grads Have Unrealistic Expectations

Millennials in the workforce seem to be a hot topic since last year.

It does make sense since millennials are nearing to their quarter life, and have just finished school.

Heck, there is even a coffee book called : Quarter-life poetry, poems on millennials struggling with life in general.

Here is a short clip by the author, that would probably resonate with you.

Now, if you’re a millennial, here’s some bad news for you. Or maybe good news, depending on how you look at it.

The New Paper reported that 30% of fresh graduates quit their first job within a year. They seek for faster career progression and higher pay in their first year, if not they will move to greener pastures.

A study done by, a recruitment site shows that almost half of Singapore graduates (47% to be precise) took three months to get their first job and 30% of them resigned within a year.

Come to think of it, three months to get their first job means that they’ll have to makan grass for three months.

There is an obvious generation disconnect, where Gen X (people born from 1961 to 1981) and Gen Y (the millennials) doesn’t seem to gel together.

Mr Sanjay Modi, managing director of APAC and Middle East of said that young talent expect to move up quickly in their jobs and also crave the mentorship and support necessary to get there.

60% of Singapore graduates biggest regret were not asking questions, followed by 51% of them not having done enough research on the company and 10% of them felt that they focused too much on their salary.

As much as millennials expect instant gratification (who can blame us, with technology we can get anything we want with just a click), we should definitely work on expressing our concerns, in that way our bosses would be able to help us reach our career goals.

And for those who haven’t landed a job, here is a survival guide for you.

Persevere millennials, we are the future generation of Singapore!

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