Notice These 5 Signs in Your Relationship and You’re Ready to Get Married

Since my university days, I’ve had this movie-inspired fantasy of how finding my true love should be. I am sure most individuals would have gone through the same. 

Fast forwarding 10 years to the present day, I realise that reality doesn’t resemble the movies at all…obviously.

Let’s face it, how many of us were offered a wedding proposal by your prince charming under the pouring rain? And how many of us felt love at first sight with a stranger, then met him/ her again years later and that person becomes your soulmate?

Drama? Absolutely.

Truth be told, this sort of romantic movie scenes present a rather quixotic picture and has little to do with real life experiences. But, that’s ok; because love is personal and unique, and each one of us has our own little story. 

It might not be perfect, but that’s how it is in the real world. And no matter how the story turns out, at some point, you just know that you are with “THE RIGHT ONE” and that is priceless.

So how do you know? These 5 clear signs will tell you that you are ready for marriage.

Sign No. 1 – You Are Yourself with Him/ Her

How do you know you've found the love of your life - couple laughing together

We put on so many different hats every day at work, with friends, with parents, in relationships…and it’s rather challenging to just be yourself.

We live in a world where we act in a certain way because we feel the need and sense of belonging to our social circles; we live for Facebook likes and measure our success by the number of followers on Instagram.

I don’t think it is exaggerating to say that most of us have different selves, during our time with family, friends and colleagues, but the true self is when we are alone.

Well, there comes a time in your life when you’ll meet that special person where you don’t have to wear masks. You can just feel it, he/she will accept your good and bad sides, your qualities and imperfections and you feel totally at ease with that person: free to be sad, angry, happy, silly – just free to be any version of you.

And you’ll be able to share everything with this individual: your dreams, your fears, your struggles and your happiest moments.

Sign No. 2 – It’s More Than Love

How do you know you've found the love of your life - indian couple with guitar

When this happens, you feel you are madly and hopelessly in love with him/her, but it’s more than that.

The both of you are best friends and lovers at the same time. The other party is supportive, you feel respected and secure, and you feel emotionally stronger with the other person by your side. You bring out the better version in each other, and you genuinely want the other person to be truly happy.

You complete each other and feel like you’re two parts of the same whole. Trust me, it’s an incredible feeling to feel.

Sign No. 3 – You Have the Same Vision about Life

How do you know you've found the love of your life - woman feeding man with cookie

Opposites may or may not attract, but it’s hard to make it work when your visions on life are different and the both of you want different things out of it.

But when you find that someone that looks in the same direction as you, someone that has the same life goals and works together with you to achieve the same things; whether it’s children or to travel or to build a home or pursuing a career, then you know it’s a sure sign that is “THE ONE”.

It’s a fulfilling feeling to know you’re both building a life towards the same future and you have the same values in life.

Sign No. 4 – You’re Both INTO the Relationship

How do you know you've found the love of your life - couple making funny face

If you’ve found someone that doesn’t take you or your relationship for granted and is willing to be by your side through the good and the bad times, through thick and thin, fully committed, that is a good indicator to say you’ve found the love of your life.

I’ve witnessed relationships covered in wonderful facades so long as everything is going well, but as soon as the going gets tough, they don’t have what it takes to keep things going in the relationship. So they grow apart and end up going separate ways.

Sign No. 5 – You Can Sit in Silence Together

How do you know you've found the love of your life - close up shot of couple

You know how sometimes you meet with a friend or a colleague, and you talk but at some point, you run out of topics and there’s this silence that feels so awkward. And you had to start digging for things to say in your head?

Yes, it can happen. But there will come a day when you meet the love of your life and the both of you can just lay back, do nothing, not even talk and yet it still feels great to just relish each other’s presence.

There will be days when you come home tired from work, or have bad days when you don’t feel like uttering a single word. Just having your other half by your side and understanding what you’re going through is a godsend.

Someone once told me that it’s important to be able to sit in silence with the other person and not feel pressured to say something; you just simply feel good.

Signs or no signs, the truth is when you find the love of your life, you will know it. The feeling would be mutual because you enjoy those big moments in life, yearning to spend the rest of your lives and just grow old together.

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